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February 27, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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February 27, 1980

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i., ?:, f* *7 ? if i  , Page 2 - Wednesda February 27, 1980 Cloverdale Cl00vedle Established 1879 usps -, o Published.every Wednesday Geyserville PRESS Established 1934 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 894-3339 Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor Yearly Subscription Rates Sonoma Lake and Mendicino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 Editorial Military registration raising a storm The notion of national registration for service for men and women ages 19 to 20 is beginning to raise a storm among the young. They might be willing to register for service at home, but not for the possibility of war in the Persian Gulf. President Carter's recent announcement in. tended to be a sharp message to Russia - "that it must pay a severe price for choosing the path of violence and aggression." We won't know whether Moscow got the message. But we do know that the American people have. It burst on them in the president's State of the Union address on January 23. By the end of the month the NBC News - Associated Press poll of 1599 scientifically sampled adult Americans showed six out of ten favoring resumption of the draft and nearly four out of five the first step to that, which is registration. We infer from these responses that the public has passed beyond the anti.Vietnam mood of 1972. If the public has changed its attitude, it's a high salutary thing for the future security of this country. For its remains astrue today as it was in peacetime 1948, when the Selective Service Act was enacted, that "in a free society, the obligations and privileges of serving in the armed forces should be shared generally, in accordance with a.system of selection which is fair and just." "Fair and just" is easier said than achieved in any draft system. The likeliest way to insure that the obligation of service falls equally on all who are physically fit to serve is to make service non- deferrable, as the French and other nations do. Arriving at draft age in France, in you go for 12 months. To know that the burden is to be more or less equally shared might make the draft more acceptable to 19 and 20 year aids on the campuses, who are staging and showing up for anti-draft rallies. .To resist the obligation of the citizen of a free society to share with others the dangers of protecting the national security is not, in our view, a morally sustainable position. In the Vietnam war, college-sheltered youth wePe given defer- .ments. This unequalized the burden of duty, and we note that President Richard Lyman of Stan- ford University has said that this time he feels very strongly there should not be college defer- ments. He is assuredly right in this. Indeed, it would seem to us that the "brightest and best" of the new generation would not be content to leave to all-volunteer soldiers, sailors and Marines, the whole obligation of defending such vital interests as maintaining access to Middle Eastern oils. The mere act of registration which is currently called for might prove a desirable way of con- centrating the minds of young Americans on their obligations of national service. As things now stand, we are registering almost everything in this country. The banks and department stores register the credit ratings of their customers. The FBI registers crooks, the Internal Revenue Service registers people who have money, voters are registered, sports managers have a register of very prominent high school and college football and basketball players in the country. The list could go on and on. So why not register our able bodied people in order to protect our country and precious freedom ....... ;..:..:.:;:::::.`.:.:.::.:4:;:::::.:.:::::::::::::.::::::5.:.::::.::.:5:::.:::::.::.:::::::::.:::::+.:::::::.:::::i!::::..:::::.:::::::::..:::.:::::::::.:::::.::..:5::!:i::.i:i.::!:::::.:;: Letters to the editor No. 1 cause Editor: I cannot but help to agree with you in your statement in 1e editorial of Feb. 20, 1980, that inflation is the nation's number one enemy. Un- fortunately, you are pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction. The fuel that feeds the flames of inflation is not the national debt. It too is only a manifestation of the problem. The tiger that is out of the cage is the one we used to put in our tank and now is on our tail. This nation's depen- dence of foreign oil is the number one cause of in- flation. Everything we touch, from food to housing to tran- sportation, can trace its overblown price to oil. An example, natural gas from Canada is up 700 percent since 1973, average PG&E bills, because of it, went up $12.70 this month and probably another $9.50 in the next, a rise since 1973 of 400 As regards to your com- ments about our defense spending, you do not have to convince the American people war is suicide, con- vince the rest of the world. The statements regarding military spending will require another rebuttal. By your permission, I will continue with another letter next week. Malcolm Ross Commend 4-H poor and minorities, no matter if this time it pledges to end special deferments for college students. With the draft, the government does not have to prove to the public that any war is just. It also does not allow the poo#e to decide whether it is in their best interest to fight a par- ticular war. The key point is: the draft is an oppressive measure and we must oppose it. How? We oppose it now, before registration. If we let registration h. appen, the draft !s alnmst sure to follow. We must realize that we do have members who painted Rainbow Hall and those who constructed the display and exhibit area. It was a very attractive and well arranged space. I'm sure it took a great deal 'of time and energy. Editor: ; choice, that we can say no! I would like to publicly\\; "by now the reader is commend the dedicated 4-H "probably thinking, "This guy's nuts! How can he say those things after the Russians have attacked Afghanistan?" First, we must assess the reasons for U.S. military action in that country and then decide if those reasons are worth the loss of lives. Rosalie Wilde Would the U:S. be taking military action to free an invaded country or to protect Opposes registration Finally there is the matter of Soviet aggression. Are the Soviets trying to takeover the world? Or are they only after the same thing we are: protecting what they see as their vital interests? Is the only way to deal with them through military action? Each person must decide these questions for him or her self. Everyone should realize, however, that there is a choice! Make your voice heard now. before this matter is presented to the Congress. Larry llogue C.II.S. Class of '79 Thanks for support Editor : On behalf of the Cloverdale Century Lions Club (Morning Club) I would like to thank everyone who supported our wine cooler and sausage booth at the Citrus Fair. Even though it was a bit the "free world"? Surely, . damp, that didn't stop people anyone who believes this old from supporting the various argument is hopelessly naive, clubs and organizations who We were protecting the "free had booths at the fair. One day last week the sun shone and fleecy white clouds green hills against the bright blue sky was hovered over our peaceful little city of Cloverdale. The lush spring would soon be with us again. Photo Kahn and Esposti ask Federal Government to compensate Two Sonoma County Supervisors have asked the Federal Government to compensate landowners whose land is used for geothermal development. Supervisors Brian Kahn and Nick Esposti co-authored a statement presented to the Congressional Subcommittee on Mines and Minerals at a Santa Rosa hearing Thur- sday, February 14. The problem involves owners of land originally share in the economic ad- lent settled under the Homestead vanlages of that develop- should not Act of 1916, whereby the lent. pens, of local{ Federal Government "'We are indeed fortunate to statement retained mineral rights, have in our County the lkcenl court decisions have geothermal region," the joint "We are defined mineral rights to statement said, calling it an discuss the mclude steam. "alternative source of energy fairness." Meanwhile, according to which can play a significant continued. Kahn. government role in meeting our state's represented development of geothermal energy needs and in reducing one request deposits on private lands is our dangerous dependence on pensation costly and disruptive to the foreign oil." Government hmdowner, who does not 'ttowever, the develop- their lands." Renters credit claim form cam The Franchise Tax Board's 540RC renter's credit claim form is proving complex for some California renters. The department developed the one-page form to make it easier for renters to claim the ,'efundable credit, but almost every combination of erro,'s possible is happening, Operations Chief James Gentz said today. Renters with incomes below the amount required for filing may complete and mail in only the Form MORC. Renters who had income tax withheld or who had enough incon;eto berequired to file a explained that anyone take special return must attach the 540RC claiming renter's credit for follow the to their State income tax prior years must use the Gentz said. return. Form 540. applicable prior year Form The situ; "'We have taxpayers at- L-40. complicated tachmg W-2 forms to the Other taxpayers are sen- changes in rent er's credit claim, ap- drag in renter's credit claim credit has becm patently expecting both the separate from their tax formerly =1 renter's credit anda return of return, either before or after recipients can the lax withheld from their filing Ihe Form M0. otherwise q wages," Gentz said. Tax- The result is delay as the For 1979. the payers must file a 540 return departmen! consolidates the for single] for return of any tax return and renter's credit married withheld, claim so that it can process jomtly, heads Some taxpayers are using and authorize taxpayer and widows or the MORC to claim renter's refunds, a dependent credit for prior years. This "We are urging everyone years the credit does not work either. Gentz who has not already filed to credit. Humor and politics night at SSU An opportunity to meet and question the candidates for the 2nd Congressional District will be combined with an evening of en- tertainment on Saturday, March l at 6:30 p.m. in the SSU Commons at Sonoma State University. "The All Parties Party", will include a panel composed of candidates Peter Windrem (D), Norton Bark (D), Brian Kahn {D), and Linda Wren (P&F). The keynote speaker for the evening will be former stale senator Peter Behr who will discuss the En- vironmental Bill of Rights. Music will be provided by the local group "Aircastle". Other entertainers include citizens and children under 14, will be donated to the Cambodian Emergency Relief Fund of San Francisco. The "All Parties Party" is sponsored by C.R.E.A.T.E, The Center for Rational Environmental Action, I II Training and Experience, a chartered campus club at SSU. There will also be display tables sponsored by special interest groups. For additional information call 523-3434. Dr. William F. Hayer Optometrist II Wishes To Announce The Opening Of His Office At ' 106 E. First St. Cloverdale, Ca. for appt. phone 894-3936 NLII For Your Tra Call percent. Your solution to inflation is the same one foisted upon us by the likes of the Federal Reserve. When you say cut the military budget, you are really saying, lay off another million American workers. You believe that by causing a recession you will slow in- flation. Unfortunately, in an economy heated by oil, a recession large enough to slow " inflation, .would make the 1930 Depression look like good times. We can have a negative GNP, an 18 percent prime rate, 9 million unemployed and still face double digit inflation. If you doubt it, just wait a few months. Until we release ourselves from foreign oil, until we admit we are in the midst of the world's firSt Economic War (WEW I) and act ac- cordingly by making bold moves to alternate source; i.e, methanol, ethyleno, solar, geothermal, etc., inflation will continue to he unlivable. Editor: world" when we were in Again we appreciate the Chart with her beautiful As we all know, Congress Vietnam, while we were support. The money we made acapella renditions, and t I i i- II1' will soon be voting on the actually supporting one will be used in Cloverdale to Scorby the Clown, a local proposed reinstatement of despot over another. Or how help community needs and political humorist and Selective Service. I am about protecting the U.S. projects, magician. 89 A opposed to this measure, as interests in oil from the Proceeds from the ad- are many others, from both Middle East? ls itworthit to ... Steve.Co.ng.don mission charge of $2 for liberal and conservative go to war for a natural " - nO $1.50 for se "or ( nalrman Morning LIONS adults a m camps. It is my aim in this resource that may last only letter to give the liberal another 30-50 years and to ,, ,, , reasons for opposing which we should have found 1 registration now. an alternaliveyearsago? is Dr. Edward F. Johnson I I have three main reasons any natural resource or for being against the draft, national interest worth , ' i ,' " First of all, the draft sacrificing human rights and CHIROP?ACTOR I discriminates against the human lives for? " ' " '" ' ' ' Personal Injury Full Spine Technique "'J' \\;\[/////  Insurance, Cases * Physio Therapy Card of thanks -Workmen s Camp Applied Kinesiology  Medicare Nutrition el ray Thank you to the whole Geyserville cam- 109 S. Main St., Cloverdole e92o cc munity for their tremendous help and support one mile north of Cloverdale on Hwy 101 ROH of our recent bake sale. Senior Class Geyserville High School I I IIIIII I I I For Appointment Call 894-3608 OFFICE HOURS: Monday thru Friday 9 6 Saturday 9 to noon Illl II II II ill II III -_ -- open Tues.-Sun. 10-6 894-4156 YOU DESERVE THE BEST!