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February 13, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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February 13, 1980

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r hits o'1 company "Greed" iii i Windrem announces condidocy at treasury department i i w00o.o00 .. ,oo00t00 .00n0000a.oo a,so 00aoa.o00 ,am,,. D.c. I on a previous members of the Station Dealers Congressional Bork told asury Small nSory Corn- Treasury William Miller D.C that big Inies have been squeeze on in- gas station the high which advises tax and capital Policy for small had met in the Naps gas to examine termed "a prime example of small business having to bear the brunt of oil company greed" At that meeting she had promised to discuss the situation with Miller. "While the price of gasoline has jumped from 70 cents to about $1.15 per gallon, a rise of about 64 percent in 1979, gasoline dealers received less than 1 percent of that in- crease," Bork reported "In addition, the big oil com- panies have passed through their costs and raised rents by as much as 115 percent per year while regulation prevents gas station owners from doing so." "Big oil has not passed on any of their exorbitant profits to their local retailers," Bork told the 25 member board. "In fact retail gasoline dealers have seen their in- come percentage drastically reduced in the last eight years." "Local gas stations owners have their diminishing profits regulated every step of the way while big oil with their multi-billion dollar profits basically may raise their prices whenever they feel the urge," lrk said. "What we need in the oil industry .is more--not less competition," Bork said, "and the big oil companies' actions seem to demonstra_te that they would like to put independent gas station owners out of business" ervices Bicycle Laws -City Ordinances CLAREY still on that Perhaps by to realize business. from a song Mancha which I think, here: Stone hits the ! pitcher hits the to be bad for other words, hits the car hits the to be bad Parents, Your child or down of the road, an intersection for a friends in this motorist and tuning the bicyclist on the of the picture that 12 or 14 year wheels of that pools of of pain, the the twisted ask me why for iust bicycle week, incidents the hy" officer. In were of the - code. One Would parent of who motorist green child dead OVer ! I had the city ordinances this week in total. However there are several, all in compliance with state laws, and it will take a couple of weeks to go through them and explain department policy in enforcement of the bicycle ordinances. Bicycle regulations are contained in article 19 sec- tions 16 through 16.8 of the City of Cloverdale Or- dinances. I will quote directly from the context of each ordinance. Section 16: License Requirements: "It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or use a bicycle propelled wholly or in part by muscular power upon any of the streets, alleys, or public highways in the City of Cloverdale without first obtaining from the Police Department a license therefor." This is in com- pliance with section 39002 (a) of the vehicle code. The licensing of a bike helps deter thieves and aid identification if a bicycle is stolen. The officers will enforce this law when necessary, and all parents should see that their children's bikes are licensed if they are riden through the city streets (as in going to school). Many of you are probably unaware of this law. That's fine, but lets get into the department and license those bikes It may just I-elp halt the rash of bike thefts. Section 16.1 : License Application: "Application for Bicycle License and License Plate shall be made upon a form provided by the City and shall be made to the Police Department. A registration fee of $1 shall be paid to the City and thereafter aft annual renewal fee of $1 shall be paid to the City before each renewal thereof is granted. All fees paid shall be deposited in the General Fund of the City of Cloverdale." Bicycles may be registered for a period of 3 years for a $3 fee. Section 16.2: Issuance of Licenses and Penalties for Late Renewal: (a) "The Police Depart- ment upon receiving proper application therefor is authorized to issue a Bicycle License which shall be ef- fective from the 1st day of February to and including the 31st day of December, and thereafter said licenses shall be issued for the calendar year. Applications for renewal thereafter shall be obtained on or before the 1st day of January of each calendar year. Applications for renewal thereafter shall pay twice the annual renewal fee as provided herein. ' (b) "The Police Depart- ment shall not issue a license for any bicycle when it knows or has reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant is not the owner of or entitled to the possession of such bicycle." (c) "The Police Depart- ment shall keep a record of the number of each license, the date issued, the name and address of the person to whom issued, and the number of the frame of the bicycle for which issued, and a record of all bicycle license fees collected by it." Section 16.3: Attachment of Licenst Plate: (a) "The Police Depart- ment upon issuing a bicycle license shall also  a license plate or sticker hearing the license number assigned to the bicycle, the name of the City, and the calendar year for which issued." (b) "The Police Depart- ment shall issue such license plate to be firmly attached to the rear mudguard or frame of the bicycle for which issued in such position as to be plainly visable from the rear." (c) "No person shall remove a license plate or sticker from a bicycle during the period for which issued except upon a transfer of ownership o r in the event the bicycle is dismantled and no longer operated upon any street in this city Such license shall be surrendered to the police department or transferred as provided in this ordinance." received from Hungary PECK received tal and tom the here in a Zoltan Institute let, leave of to She is Mr. C's most High to Since she the band .Vth sad tobe says she If I the are in high State C also an ors, Position teaching kindergarten at the Jefferson School here in Cloverdale for a year. Then there was an opening at the Washington School for a music teacher, which Joanne filled, where she had been teaching for 19 years, until she took the leave of absence in Sept. of 1979. Getting back to the High School Band, you just can't help feeling proud of our Music program, with such great teachers as Steve and Joanne, whose bands have been receiving superior ratings in all their music Festivals in which they have been participating for years. The band just has to be perfect when they have such dedicated teachers. In her letters from Hungary Joarme also talks of the great way of teaching the Hungarians have and what a beautiful country they have and how friendly the peole are. She also talks of how hard and how much she has to study. At Christmas vacation Joanne spent some time in Budapest and Salzburg, Austria, with friends and some time in Switzerland too. *While in Salzburg she and her friends attended three chamber music concerts at the Marionette theatre and three masses at the Dome Theatre. Midnight mass was a Mozart Mass plus the original Silent Night with guitar. She says they took a 9 hour train trip through absolutely gorgeous mountain country. They also went to Zurich where they saw their famous Christmas tree lights and famous churches. One known for its stained glass windows, eontemperary, by the Artist Chagall. So, you see she is really enjoying herself, besides all the studying, She and her friends left Swit- zerland on Jan. 2rid and stayed two nights and a day in Vienna. They toured the Opera House and also managed to get tickets (standing room) for the Opera, Clie Fledermous, that night. They stood in line from 3:30 till 6:(10 then for for the opera until 10:30. It was really excellent and funny she says. (It wouldhave to be out of this world for me to stand that long I'II tell youl. All in all she is having a great and wonderful ex- perience. Joarme sends all her love and hopes to all the great kids in the band. today that he is a candidate for Congress from the Second District in the June 3 Democratic primary elec- tion. Citing the problems of inflation, energy, tran- sportation and health care, Windrem said, "solutions to our problems do not come easily. But energetic leadership in tune with the values of this region can start us in the right direction. "To offer Such leadership is why I am running for Congress," he said. Windrem outlined his qualifications for Congress: "As a farmer, I know the concerns of this resource-rich area. As an attorney, I un- derstand the complexities of this region. And as a descendant of a Lake County pioneer family, I have a special love for the people and beauty of the Second Congressional District." Windrem asked the voters "to join me in providing new leadership. Together we can meet the challenges of the 1980's." County resident, Windrem attended Kelseyville schools and was active in 4-H. He was student body president at Kelseyville High School and graduated first in his class. In 1961, the late U.S Pep. Clen Miller selected Win- drem to be a page at the nation's Capitol. There, Windrem saw the inside workings of Congress. He returned to Congress in the summer of 1967 where he was a legislative aide to a member from California. Windrem graduated from the University of Pacific in 1965 and received his law degree from the University of Virginia in 1968. He then served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala where he advised municipal governments on matters of adminstration, taxation, budgeting and planning. Windrem raises wine grapes and is a principal organizer of Lake County Vintners, a cooperative which markets wine under the Konocti Cellars label. He pear ranch and is a member of Mr. Konocti Growers, a pear cooperative. As an attorney, Windrem represents citizens groups i concerned with stream bed gravel" extraction, geothermal development and other local issues. Active in Democratic politics his entire life, Win- drem was chair of the Lake County Democratic Central Committee and a member of the Sonoma County Central Committee. He was also president of the Santa Rosa Democratic Club. Windrem, 35, lives with his wife, Kathy, and two children, Jessica, 3, and Mathew, l, on their 40-acre : farm near Kelseyville. Campaign headquarters for the Democratic candidate are located in Lakeport and Santa Rosa, with offices to open soon in Eureka and Napa. The Second Congressional District spans six Northern California counties, including Sonoma, Naps, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties. Wednesday, February 13, 1980. Page t3 Yours FBEE with special gold register tapes, Magnificent, Heirloom-Quality Imported French Design O00per 00ware Collection \\; t 1t -\\; It's so easy to own this superb collection of gleaming French design Copper 00ware by Centuria how our sensational works: It's our way of saying "Thank you!" for shopping with us. 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