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February 10, 2010     Cloverdale Reveille
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February 10, 2010

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Page 10--WEDNESDAY, FEB. 10, 2010 CLOVERDALE REVEILLE • CLOVERDALE, CALIFORNIA REVEILLE CROSSWORD PUZZLE: R.ED. by Mike Marland ,o- o -~ ~ ~F~ ,;7.', 1!1. ACROSS ~-- ~-- 1 "Humbug!" 4 Trade 12 8 Leno's 15 feature 12 Expert 1~-- -- 13 Gyro holder 14 Fight the ll clock 26 27 15 Michael Jackson 3~ album -- -- 17 Previously 34 owned 3~- -- 18 Shadow location ll 19 Honest 45 46 politician? 21 Chemical 50 suffix -- -- 22 Comic 53 "married" to -- -- Fang dramatist 26 Sired 50 Leak slowly 29 Visibility 51 Sub- hindrance sequently 30 Galena, e.g. 52 Swiss 31 Ear-related canton 32 Indulge in 53 Will pugilism beneficiary 33 Check bar 54 Ethereal codes 55 19-Across' 34 "-- Town" party 35 Tussaud's medium DOWN 36 Stickup job 1 Decrease 37 Extremely 2 Needing impressive liniment 39 Bovine 3 Roll call utterance reply 40 Sapporo 4 Immobilizer sash 5 Dorian 41 Entertained Gray's 45 Piece of creator work 6 Corroded 48 German 7 Seeming poet/ contrad- 10 11 II 24 25 II 43 44 iction employee 8 Inhumane 33 South 9 Possesses Korean 10 Capades site capital 11 Homer's 35 Symbol of neighbor intrigue Flanders 36 Basis for 16 Of the upper grits hipbone 38 "The Biggest 20 Huge --" 23 Places 39 "Real Time" 24 History moderator chapters 42 Punch 25 Musical 43 Architect based on Saarinen "La Boheme" 44 Plumbing 26 Amazon.corn problem buy 45 La-la 27 Needle case preceder 28 Any of the 46 "The Raven" Dionne writer quintuplets 47 Submachine 29 Henhouse gun threat 49 Greek 32 Starbucks E]workplace © 2010 King Features Synd., inc. ANSWERS ON NEXT PAGE ~|~ jjj j'i j:i:,j jjjjjj :' i i'i i'i i i iiiiii::H'ii',i'i i'i i~ ~': ~ ~'~ ~ ~', ~iii~i ': :: i ': i i i i i j i i i i i j',j! ! i, ii ilji ii{i' 'i i}ii i i i:, :, J J :: ': ': jl !ij :, iii i, iI i! Moments in time: The History Channel • on Feb. 14, 278 A.D., Valentine, a holy priest in Rome, is executed. Ruler Claudius the Cruel was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military because of their strong attachment to their wives, and had banned marriages. Valentine had continued to perform marriages in secret and was beheaded for it. • On Feb. 11, 1858, insouthern France, Bernadette Soubirous, a 14-year- old French peasant girl, first claims to have seen the Virgin Mary. The apparitions, which totaled 18 before the end of the year, occurred in a grotto of a rock promontory near Lourdes, France. • On Feb. 13, 1914, The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) is formed in New York. This was the first U.S. group to help protect copyrighted music against illegal public perfor- mances for profit. • On Feb. 12, 1934, Bill Russell, the legendary center for the Boston Celtics during the 1960s, is born in Monroe, La. During his 13-year career with the Celtics, the 6-foot-9-inch Russell helped the team to 11 NBA champi- onships. • On Feb. 8, 1943, Japanese troops evacuate Guadalcanal, leaving the South Pacific island in Allied possession after a prolonged campaign. The American victory halted Japanese expansion and paved the way for further Allied gains in the Solomon Islands. • On Feb. 10, 1962, American spy-plane pilot Francis Gary Powers is released by the Soviets in exchange for Soviet Col. Rudolf Abel, a senior KGB spy who was caught in the United States five years earlier. The two men were brought to separate sides of the Glienicker Bridge, which connects 'East and West Berlin across Lake Wannsee, and released at the same time. • On Feb. 9, 1973, Max Yasgur, owner of the 600-acre dairy farm in New York where the original Woodstock took place in August 1969, dies in Florida. More than 400,000 people attended the three-day music festi- val. (c) 2009 King Features Synd.., Inc. YOU WHEN , O~ ' HE CONIES ~:E C’. ~ -~'t " ~4 CITRUS FAIR TllEME: A SALUTE TO TIlE U.S. MILITARY Ending 72 months in the Navy • SERVICES • • SERVICES • ........................................... 6"'"'":~:~/':':/:'Z'"//Z:I : :; ii "":6 ""'"'"'"6 ............................................................ ZZITZZZZZI~ZV;~IZ:"ZZI'""71.77"~Z77~IVIZII ................... ;ZZZ'Z ................................. ZZZZZ ::::::::::=::~t::Gitlis:!:recalts:::h:~s:::di~charge frOm!!!the!!;Se~tce at::the::endi:of WorId ::War:tt!!! !:!iii ii:: By A1 Gillis The office had notified me to pack seabag and hammock, as I was being detached from #3245 Boat Repair and being transferred back to Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, and would be discharged from the Navy. I aSked my C~Smmander what I should do with all the tools I had: onthe back of the Higgins boat. He told me to see Banks, as he was in charge of clearing the boat repair base of all the surplus Navy stuff. I looked up Banks, another First Class Motor Machinist Mate and asked him what to do with my tools. He asked me, where was the boat? I told him down the dock a couple of hundred yards. He told me to bring the boat around and leave all the tools on it. At today's prices of good " hand tools and machinist tools, I had inside microme- ters 1" up to 24", outside i micrometers 1" up to 8", dial indicators, etc. That tool box if bought at Sears today would have cost at least $25,000. So, I brought the boat around.. Banks and a couple of other sailors were working with Reickert and the crane. They were loading all those 671 diesel engines, some brand new, the rest had been overhauled and same as new, into the LCM (Landing Craft Mechanic), then running them out to sea, five to ten miles and opening the valve to the sea water, and boat, engines and all went to the bottom, about two miles or so down. They started loading engines into my new Higgins boat, and all those tools in the back, so they ended up at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. They put about fifty of us sailors in a LCM and came along the gangway of the Aircraft Carrier. Everyone was so happy and excited to be going back to the States and home. Those who have never experienced it, will never experience that wonderful feeling. Those who have experienced it, will never forget it. We ended up on the hanger deck, that is the next deck down from the flight deck. The flight deck is the top deck, where you see planes landing and taking off. The hanger deck on this Aircraft Carrier had been stripped of everything. It made one long empty deck, probably fifty or sixty feet wide, thirty or so feet high, Clearwater Lodge Cloverdale Mini S’orag Deep Cleaning • Carpet & Fabric Protection Area Rug Cleaning • Most furniture moved Weekly SUDOKU 3 1 5 6 by Linda Thistle 2 3 5 4 9 2 8 4 9 8 5 and seven hundred feet or so long. Then they stacked bunks in there from the deck to the overhead, close to thirteen bunks high. There was just enough room in between the rows of the bunks to just barely walk through. I have no idea how many bunks there were on that hanger deck. A bunk is about 32 inches wide and seven feet long. They put two bunks side by side, hung on stations that were welded to the deck with chains on the outer edges of the bunks, holding them level. I don't know how many men were on that ship as it came under the Golden Gate Bridge/as it had stopped in Pearl Harbor and picked up lots more. ................................................ ~,, ............................................................................................... They fed chow around the clock. You could get in the chow line at the end of it, but that did not mean you were going to get to eat right away. That was the best thing to do, to stand in some chow i ...... ~ ......... ........... ;:line (they had six galleys working). If you were : :~ standing in the chow line, ~:: then the Master-at-Arms (police) would not grab you to put you on a working party, usually sweeping and dumping garbage or mess cooking. We arrived in San Francisco on Dec. 16, 1945, and tied up at Treasure Island. Another beautiful sight, going under the Golden Gate Bridge. There was • standing room only on the flight deck. There must have been ten to twelve thousand of us on the flight deck. When we went under the Golden Gate Bridge we all hollored as loud as we could. They heard us I am sure all the way into San Francisco. Wonderful to be back in the States. I called Ann as soon as I could, after getting off the Aircraft Carrier. We talked a long time. We set the date of our marriage at Dec. 30, 1945. I knew I would discharged by then for sure. I did not have to wait long before they called my name. Gee, I thought this is it. I will be discharged now and can go to Berkeley to see Ann. I went where the loudspeaker told me to go, but there were two buses waiting at the place. I asked the Chief who was checking names as they reported to him, where we were going. He told me: "To S.F. to catch a Naval freighter going to San Pedro, CA, and I would be discharged there. I asked the Chief if I had time to go make a phone call? He told me I did, as it would be an hour or so before we left. I needed to call Ann back and tell her I was being shipped to San Pedro. I would call her and let her know if the Dec. 30 date was still OK. Well, we went back under the Golden Gate Bridge 4 9 and turned south. We left about 3 p.m. and arrived in San Pedro the next morning about 10 a.m. There were 6 about forty or fifty of us being shipped there. Going into San Pedro Harbor, I saw my first jet airplane and 7 I never knew anything could move so fast. It was an Army fighter. We were put in the barracks at San Pedro Naval 2 4 Base at PSC-NB-TI, San Pedro and this is the way my discharge papers read. I found out I was due to be 3 discharged with five hundred other sailors on Dec. 23, 1945. I sent Ann a telegram saying that Dec. 30 9 would be our wedding date. Making a phone call was impossible, as the line to the phones was so long. 1 2 In San Pedro Naval Separating Center I was among 25,000 sailors. I found out the reason the Navy transferred me to San Pedro to discharge me, rather than Treasure Island: they would not have to pay me mileage from Treasure Island to San Diego where 1 was sworn in the Navy on Dec. 11, 1939. They only had to pay me from San Pedro to San Diego, and paid me for one hundred miles instead of five hundred miles. You didn't think the Navy was saving with your tax dollars, did you? I had to go to the paymaster and agree to the Place a number iv the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. * Moderate ** Challenging *** HOO BOY! @ 201 0 King Features SynQ.. 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