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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
February 6, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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February 6, 1980

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++ Wednesday, February 6, 1980 - Page 1: I =mNFOND Am)  ,:-- I oou.-Ge ,,Jxrru. OO use CAu. O M.A.S.H. " i PROFESSTONAL BOWLER8 AFTERNOON 0 NEWS 10:00 • WEEKNIGHT TOUR • M NeWS • m UE MAe ........... W LOU GRANT • CSS NEW8 • ABC NEW8 • • S-M: ONE FOOT OUT OF THE CLOSET IlI  NEWS II o0CK CAVETT lrow II HEE HAW " • GUE 12th ..__o_. .,,._ ,,= • NEWLYWED GAME  TiC TAC DOUGH • 8OCCER MADE IN GERMANY  ISSUES AND ANSWER8 =00OKER&apos;S*.00=IT00 = JOKER+ WILO .ASTE.E00, ,='- • T.00HT.% = - T:30 4:30 7:31 II ( COUPt.E II THAT NASHVILLE MUSIC . IIMOVIE .(MUSICAL.WESTERN) I LOVE AMERICAN STYLE • OO0 COUPLE • LAWRENCE WELl( 8HOW MOVIE .(COMEDY-DRAMA) 12:15  NEWS ,. _..o.....o.oo. • EVENING M WE STE) 12: O UNTOUABS • HOt.LYWOOO 8OUARES •  BOSS THE COUNTRY • OtRECTK)NS • LIFE AND TIMES OF EOOie ROBERTS S • KQED EVENING  • PRICE t8 RIGHT • IT'S YOUR HEALTH 11:30 • KOE° EVENING EDiTiON • PM MAGAZINE i  WORLD OF 8PORT8 MOVIE -(COMEDY) • BENNY HILL • PM MAGAZ1NE • PLAY THE PERCENTAGES • SPORTS UNLIMITED " 1:  THE TONIGHT 8HOW • PLAY THE PERCENTAGES • JOKER'S WILD •  NEW8 MOVIE .(COMEDY)  Ca8 LATE MOVIE • JOK ER'S WILD k)vIE -ORAMA) $:  GRAND SLAM OF TENNIS N 8ARHEY MILLER A IN THSE FANM ) ( ALL IN THE FAMILY INBC NEWS  THE 8UPERSTARE mOVIE .(DRAMA) Y II:S0 • NEWS • WASHINGTON WEEK iN REview • CAROL BURNETT AND FRIEND8 .:= •• • MAKE ME LAUGH • JACQUESCOUSTEAU • A SPECIAL VALENTINE WITH THE SCANS HAWAUANOPEN 12:00 IF.AL PEOPLE FAMILY CRCUS • PHIL SILVERE SHOW • WALL STREET WEEK • F.B.I. NCBEREFrrs i THE B.A.°. CATS • INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP • BARNEY MILLER  IS ENOUGH • WASJ'iiNGTON WEEK iN REview BOXING 12:06 THE NILI Ik3Q EVENING • GREAT PERFORMANCES • POLICE STORY 9:(I  LUCY MOVE8 TO NBC lOviE .(COMEDY-DRAMA) 12:30 ES I:.m E:40 N INTERNATIONAL CHAMONSHIP 1:00 N THE BOY WHO DRANK TOO MUCH N THE DUKES OF HAZZ_ARO W NEW8 BOXING • NEWS CHA'S ANGELS  AY NNT  Im SFO 3:OO im TOMORROW • GREAT PEA • BILL MAYER8 JOURNAL j CBS NEWS |MOVIE 40RIME) MOVlE -(SUSPENSE) lOviE -(COMEDY) I0:00 • POLDARK • MARCUS WELBY 1:15 W3e • NEWS lOVie .(DRAMA) • A DVINE MADNESS • NEW8 N HELLO. LARRY  ELVIS REMEMBERED: NASHVILLE • ANOY GIFFITH 4OW • 8PORTS AFIELD 1:45 .M TO HOLLYWOOD 1:30 3:30 • NEWS • NEWS =' II OALLA8 •NEE HAW •BEWITCHED N BEST O SATUGAY N.T LrvE • WAH KUE • THREE'S A CROWD • FREE TO CHOOSE NEWS .40 • GUNSMOKE 1 7.*00 AOVIE .(BIOGRAPHICAL-DRAMA) 2:45 ,1:,. ,+ e-OVIE.(*--,E.., • LOVE AMERICAN STYLE tl:(W LK 8HOW • GUNSMOKE 4:15 NEWS Vie -(DRAMA) L0NLE • PEOPLE'S • MEET THE  • • uNTo00A,,.es cAv.-00 ..ow • uNTouc.A00. | ONAR,.. OAR,. POV,00 • .ew. +RAMA, ..ovie ° • LIFE AND TIME& OF EDDIE ROBERTS • UFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE ROBERTS 4:30 11:3 11:30 • REX REED MOVIE GUIDE • BENNY HILL HOW  -() • FACE THE NATION  THE TONIGHT SHOW • LORD MOUNTBATTEN: A MAN FOR II2M UVES 1:30 U THE TONmHTlmOW LOVE BOATA -(DRAMA) CAROL mTT AND •  m AND  • MAKE ME LAUG • MAKE ME LAUGH 1 1:.0 • MERV  12:+40 1 ,'01  -(MYsTEm • N 1.'00 T W THE MIONIGHr AL lm 1:3 • LOVE BOAT • Nm 1: • A A IN 1:80 • THREE A CROWO 2:15 t116 • NEWS ,  .(DRAMA) • NEWS • KWOm.O 3:15 2:40 -NESTERN) • NEWS aMoviE -(WESTERN)  .(WESTERN) le ='J8 EM*OE <COMEDY) M40E -(DRAMA) 4:1S ME -(AMA) ovm -(DRAMA) Thursday NING Saturday I-g MORNING • M.A.S.H. I WOl.O PICSHm NNS  IF.jLN( NEW 11:41 N 1.11 O ME GRIFFIN HR  • A R WAY 12:16 I GSS NEWS • SNEAK L=WS A N O UNIVERTY OF N 13 MOV -(DRAMA) I A/BCULTURJUL FILM • HAPPY OAYS AGAiN i  HOTEL iMIOIE -(HORROR): CLOEUP 13 1 M I I UDVE LUCY e:30 • NEWS  lY cw m.L • OVER EMY • IAICNESU NISE SEMESTER .  .(COMEDY)1:1S ISA ANOSON VO.E OF AGICULTURE 1: I IT'S YOUR  IREE'SA tM.A.I,H . 7.1J0 IWKmNT N RE TU) • NBC NEWS HOUR; AK E NEW I NEWS 1:48 IC NEWS ILLA AGRE . I A N  .(MA) I' =-4o •  GAME MK)Vm -(DAMA) W  TAC  E:41 I JOEWS WILD  -(AOVEPrnURE) • ooo  EIMOWE -(WESTERN) *:m THE CENTURY 4OVIE ...(WESTERN) •  .118 BEAUTY CONTEST News I iN SEARCH OF... SAFARI TO ADVENTURE I MARY TYR MOORE •  NEWS S:30 • GONG SOW i A NEWS = PAVAROI AT JUILUARO PHIL SILVERS 8HOW WORLD'S CREATES1" mENO; ICNOOL RO’ • 8UNRisiE 8EMEITER • PUOUC AFFMm ?:N • KOS NEWS CONDUCE I iN SEARO OF... TIC TAC DOUGH • EL AMANECE • rF.Nm MSADNE e  M y THE PE • JOKER'I Wg-D A m-e couEDy ) THE FAMILY MOO; AIK NIC NEWI LE MIGHTY BE. HECKUE- ; INTHE NEW8 / TMAN N; SCNOOL ROCK I TO OF THE HILL CENTURY I E WALTON8 O m  • FAMILY FEUD • 8TAR TIqEK I MU re.tOw • ALL iN THE FMILY • KICKS d Tues ay I ALL TOGETHER NOW N MATCH GAME • DANCE FEVER I DICK VAN OYKE 8HOW I. lE .(SMA) AFTERNOON N l ................................. N THE CHmHOLMS IIIIL ONE IN A MILLION S:G MOUNTBATrEN: A MAN FOR IGILLJGAN'S ISLAND THE CENTURY 5:30 8:30 I NBA BASKETBALL i THE IqEmi t,(m III BJ AN• THE BEAR N SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE EVENING THE LOVE AT EVENING RY I TWILIGHT ZONE 1t:00 0:130 10:.00  NEWS I NBC NEWS • NEWS I MOPPET SHOW I NEW8 i • MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT N me TIME SATURDAY CBE NEW8 I Ca8 NEWS FANTASY ISLAND CAMERA THREE -(0RAMA) Tm MINUTES IAIC NEWS MOV -(CIRAMA-MYSTERY) I T ZONE ROUND OFFI I NAI°WY DAYS AGAiN • CREATING  FO CLEANING THE ENYONMENT 6:30 • NEWS • GUINNESS GAME I WIL() KINGDOM • OVER EASY 11: • 8TAR TRACKS  MATCH GAME I JOKER'S WILD aqiTHE ROCK SHOW  NEWS NEW8  IHAT'S HOLLYWOOD ( SANFOR° AND K)N 7: I BAXTERE • AGRONSK Y AND COMPANY 11:1S • FAMILY FEUD • WEEKNIGHT I ABC NewS 7:ff • NBC NEWS 11:30  DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD I CA NE 0 MINUTES E .(HORROR) IHT LIVE  GALACA lm • FLIPPING YARNS Sunday MOR.NG I ASL NOW! iltT :Ji0 v% NER; IN THE NEW I U OF MICHIGAN • SAME I I INTERNATIONAL ZONE II  • HOT I t I HUMAN DIM • I ImABY,mmm ; emm ,*-m ,==m i... ,s W 0 DUCK; TE OUT • MR. EO II++'I0 •.. ,,coo,,Y AND ,=,.+, I,00,00.RWAY P"IEIq(;EI, ITA4J (EX-  SCHOOL. ROCK (EX.FPL) I AN HOUR . ITHISIS I WSSTeO0 . ImWmN  FALWILL i  e:. i ALL ,S C N , I.EFT. RIGHT AND GEmlm ANO ANNIE GEAR ALIX IM I U  T:16 P.,lm Y r. ,,,,-SR FaALL AN° R OF REGINA MOVIE NESTERN) THE mG ENT AROHIE BUNKER'B CE • ROAD TO MOSCOW ONE DAY AT A TIME DAY NIGHT MOVIE RPIECE THEATRE RENAISSANCE THE JEFFERSON8 EL AMANECER IOO NEWS TRAPPER JOHN M.D. I MOTHER TERESA IN CALCUTTA • IT'S YOUR AFFAIR I JIMMY 8WAGGART 130 I OPEN UNE I  CLUB 11:0 • ALL THE PEOPLE  OST N • IT'S YOUR BUSI.SS 11: A THE T • VIE -(AMA) • JACK VAN IPE S 11: OE .(OOMEDYRAMA) MERY GFiN t2: 12: I CLCEUP 13 1:16 I NEWS 1: I.00I ERE I S CAS EN A 2".N I c 3:06 • VIBRATIONS Monday THE AN MOV AWk TOmGHT IOW  WKENO 8PECUL ml) ,, s:00 I I.ATE I CAMERA THREE N COLLEGE BArn(mALL  =u.'rr=o,o= IO FAT AL=:" THE'’'WS  I AI 0 EVSNmG I -- ...... I F.IJ. I JOKER. JOKER. JOKER I  m 1 O:l -(SCIN) * I MAcNrL LF. REPOflT ",'.-: OTO'A"O+'"; -.=,., 11.00.4 • muc wo=w ___t=Uum = • x- w,=o  <,rre; • IY ORC I H DAAGAm I   I IAND I THEE'IA--  SHAZAM; IN THE NEWS IUIANII4ES IOLOVELUCY $ I F.Y.I.: COAL IPWER tIU IUNNY  IR 1 Ic I# I THAT NA MUSIC • AME ET • M.A .H,   TZA ANG THE SUm SE'vs: I  . --TmmS O rr Is W'mTTEN Im •m,ovm Is ILVOZLA4 IN I' AI i,.v,,,, n . I OIC CAVETT m40W ida, .,,u.+v__,, i F • TONY N°8 JOURNAL -(NO mFORMATmN r l:m O IgI .AWIN OPlEN 18 MIINUTI r ARE 1. N  WeETe4LL I KaOI AI PEOPLE TO0 m.,, •S0+,.,E. m,,mrA . I,,TOm 1,.., I LIU;ARI TO A I rr IS WllqITTEm THE M wI ION THE IOUARE INHO. WHAT. HOW OO YOU KNOW W COLLEGtE BAeETBAL L . ICEA 8Y I OUTI)0OIIISMAN • DkK CAVE SHOW • NEWLNED GAME N TIC TAC UGH I ER'S WILD • ODD COUPLE I NAME THAT TUNE  TAC DOUGH EVENING MAGANE I FAMILY FEUD KOED EVENING E PM MAGAZINE TORCH OF CHAMPK)NS ER'S WILD IE .(DRAMA) • ALL IN THE FAMILY e0o dOVie -(COMEDY) N TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES W s MAGIC AHAPPY DAYS I AVON WOMEN'S TENNIS FINALS S:30 PEGooDCIAL MOVIE PRESENTATION TIME GIRLS THREE '8 COMPANY • MYSTERY S:30 I Kilt WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES 10:.(I0 • NEWS • MASTERPIECE THEATRE (CAP- TIONED) I GUNSMOKE • TWILHT ZONE 10:30 I TWILIGHT ZONE 11: $TYLE $ O UNTOUCHABLES • LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE ROBERTS 11:3 • BENNY HILL TNE TONIGHT SHOW II0000:0000I00IEOFTHEWEEK IOVIE .(MA) I CA BURN ANO FRIENO8 MAKE ME LAH 12: I .'.I. • TUESDAY MOVIE OF THE WEEK 1:00 W8 TOMORROW • MOVIE -(DRAMA) 1:30 • NEWS 2:O I THREE'S A CROWO 2:40 MOVIE .(MUSAL-COMEDY) • NEWS 3:10 MR)VIE -(MYSTERY) 4: 4: VIE .(EOV) Evigan's family made acting easy for him "My family has always been very supportive of me," says Greg Evigan. who stars as handsome trucker BJ McKay in NBC-TV's exciting series 'BJ and the Bear' (Saturdays). "'They have really helped me be what I am today" Greg was born and raised in South Amboy, N.J., where he lived with his parents, Barbara and Ralph Evigan, and his sister, Sandy. "We were always very close My sister lives in Los Angeles now, and we both try to get back to New Jersey to see our parents as often as we can--or have them come out here to visit." Barbara Evigan was a pianist, and used to take Greg along whenever she would perform. "1 loved to sit there and watch her ptay One day, when I was eight years old, she asked me if rd like to take lessons, and I couldn't wait to start." Gre8 started playing classical piano, and by the time he was 15, he had mastered seven other instruments. "My father used to sing at local clubs and roller skating rinks, with my mother accompanying him. They both really contributed to my musicat background," says Greg, who has written over 300 songsand has formed a band, Ghettoway City. "Although they were supportive of me, they never pushed me into show busaness. If I wanted to sing and act, it was alright wth them. and they supported me I00 percent." One month after graduating from high school, Gre8 and a friend were in New York and they saw a poster advertising auditions for the Broadway production of 'Jesus Christ, Superstar.' They both auditioned, and Greg won the role of Arias. "My family couldn't believe it My morn and dad and my sister must have come to see that play over 100 times." Greg's grandfather is also proud of the young actor's accomplishments. "He always told me he knew I would have 'made it' when I appeared on 'The Merv Griffin Show.' When I did Merv's show in New York, I brought my grandfather with me, and they put him on camera=t was one of the highlights of his life, he said afterwards--and mine, too +` b.-_ i innn nl I I I I _ 50000u15 I.E. 1. Who was the men's Olympic figure skating champion in Innsbruck in 19767 2. Who was the women's Olympic figure skating champ in 1976? 3. Has the United States ever won an Olympic gold medal in the Pairs Competition In ice skating? 4. This Austrian Alpine skier captured a gold medal for his daring downhill performence in Innsbruck, Name him. 5. Which national team captured the ice hockey gold medal in 1964, '68, '72 and 76? 6. Name the four countries that won the most  medals durin the °76 Winter Olympics. 7. What is the Olympic motto? 8. Where will the 1984 Winter Games be held? 9. Where were the '72 Summer Games played ? 10. When was the last time before 72 that the games were held in this country? TV COMPUL $IRVR|$, N 9£61 "0T qolunw "6 el^elsonA "9 ,Jatsej pue Jeq31q 'JoNIS, "L XueweO "M pue HSS 'XueweO "3 'vsn "9 Itt;I;11 "s eldsnv 'JawudelH ZUI4=I "I • ON "£ vsn 'lllmeH Kqtoo(] . ute148 eeo 'JJnO uqor "I[ v Franz Klammor of Austria stunned the world with h+s arr,;',ry, downhill run during the 1976 ' Winter Olympics, but can he do it again? AgC Spo; ,.ii l,r;en exclusive ,coverage of ( the XlII WINTER GAMES from Lake Placid, N.Y., Feb J2-24