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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
January 30, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 30, 1980

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nzanita Manor Musings t AGED" I Manor I have I see day. You our aged are in their take care of But some are that's Convalescent highly trained md it's really a offers a lot to receive lot's COmpanionship. so great but People who this don't money! tNot that need it). It's have lot's of care very who have never Convalescent don't know to work in to come I know our enjoy visitors. a heart? Could you share it with an elderly man or woman? They surely could use it! Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fiynn presented a beautiful American Flag to us in a short ceremony here Monday afternoon, Jan. 21. We're very grateful to them for this gift and will fly it proudly in memory of Donald Flynn, Mr. Flynn's brother. We're getting a new face for our hospital. New wall paper has been put up in the lobby and entrance hall with a promise of new paint throughout. New flooring has gone down in the kitchen this week to give it a new look. Our thanks to Jim Cotter, President fo Cotter Health Centers for making it possible. Tues., Jan. 29 at 1 p.m. we are having a special visit from "Burt" and Carrie Knaus of Canine Com- panions. Burr is a Black. 9 mos. old standard Possle, being trained by Carrie, a paraplegic, to work at Pataluma Convalescent- Hospital as a "Social Dog". This is a program that has proven to be very helpful in working with Geriatric patients as well as han- dicapped children. Man- zanita Manor has plans to have one of Ihese dogs here and this is to be a demon- slration to show whal he can do. It will be an exciting new stop in our hospital! More about this next week. Coming Events : - Wed. Jan 30, 2 p.m. - Mr. & Mrs. Ted Wilson, Gospel Music. Thurs. Jan. 31, I0:30 - Scotty Palmer & Esther Meyn, Sing-a-long. - Friday Feb. 1, 2 p.m. - Bingo with Church Women  United tGeyserville Team). - Sun. Feb. 3, 2:30 p.m. - Church Service Neigh- borhood Church of Clover- dale. - Mon. Feb. 4, 10:30 a.m. - Current Events with Theresa Wenz: 1:30 p.m. Senior Syncopators Band: 3:30 p.m. Rosary with Dina Gain- bells. Speical Meeting : Wed- nesday Feb. 6, l p.m., General Staff meeting with Hospice Team to present iheir program. Anyone in the community who is interested in more informatio con- cerning Hospice is invited to altend. coach fees lonment announced Kenneth announced the ment among and school $4,340,470 in license fees the month of 's share The largest was $542,272 County. The smallest was $264 to Alpine County. The Vehicle License Fee law provides that the license fees paid on all trailer coaches registered in California be apportioned "monthly to the counties on the basis of the addresses of the vehic.les recorded by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Each County Auditor then semi-annually distributes the total county apportionment among the county, the city tit the address is within a city) and the school districts in which each trailer is situated. Distribution is in accordance with a formula prescribed by State law. tax Kenneth the $6,496,842 to cities as the of received City 58 -counties' 1,0,851 and the totaled distribution percent of the in the Fund during December, 1979, State's ad- of $31,803. users uted Kenneth announced the of $67,860,939 cities and the January of highway "s share and Cloverdale $3,319. went the counties; to cities; ways; and Lane apportionment from the following sources: gasoline tax, $61,315,919; diesel fuel tax, $6,543,232; and miscellaneous, $1,788. The total available for the January apportionment was $4.988,983 more than that for the preceding month. The gasoline tax was $4,985,249 more than the December figures. The diesel fuel tax was $4,062 more than that for December. The distribution was $3,937,750 more than that for the same month last year. The January 1980 gasoline tax distribution was $3,330,503 more than that for January 1979. The diesel fuel tax distribution was $606,036 more than in January, 1979. Motor vehicle license fees distributed State Controller Kenneth Cory today reported distribution of $41,892,532 to cities and counties as the January apportionment of State-collected "in-lieu" motor vehicle license fees, plus another $318320 in semi- annual apportionment of off- highway license fees. Cory reported Sonoma County received $'256,497 in motor vehicle fees and $1,3,16 in off-highway fees. In ad- dition, the City of Cloverdale received $4,555 from motor vehicles and $23 from off- highway. The distribution represents the cities and counties share of license fees and other revenue deposited in the Motor Vehicle License Fee Account during December, 1979, and the semi-annual allocation of revenues deposited in the Off-Highway License Fee Fund. The State excise tax at the rate of $2 per $100 of market value takes the place of local property tax on motor vehicles. Except for that portion withheld to cover administrative costs, the money is returned to local governments which may use their shares for general purposes. The off-highway revenues derive from a $4 fee charged for issuance or renewal if identification of those off- highway vehicles designated by law for such identification. This fee is in lieu of all taxes according to value levied for stateor local purposes. Cities and counties may use the funds for specified activities in connection with the use or control of such vehicles. Half of each distribution went to the cities and half to counties in the proportion that the population of each city or county bears to the population of all the cities or counties in the State. Distribution is based on the 1970 Federal Census as ad- justed to reflect new in- corporations, annexations, special censuses and State Department of Finance estimates. NOTICE DEATH OF HENRY ESTATE beneficiaries' Contingent who interested as William Flake Henry. been filed by the Superior- County Mary Henry as personal to administer requests administer the | - LEGAL NOTICE i i estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. A hearing on the petition will he held on 2-19-80 at 8:45 in Dept. 3 located at Hall of Justice, 2555 Men- docino Avenue, Santa Rosa California 95402 IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should either appear at the hearing and state your ob- jections or file written ob- jections with the court before the hearing. Your ap- pearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the deceased, you must file your Claim with the court or present it to the personal I ! LEGAL NOTICE II representative appointed by the court within four months from the date of first issuance of letters as provided in section 700 of the California Probate Code. The time for filing claims will not expire prior to four months from the date of the hearing noticed above YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file a request "with the court to receive special notico of the filing of the inventory of estate assets and of the petitions, accounts and reports described in section 1200 of tlie California Probate Code. MARY HENRY Petitioner P.O. Box 131 Mendocino, CAdifornia Signed Mary Henry Wednesday, January 30, 1980 - Page 15 "Save a place for Wildlife" 'is 1980 Wildlife week theme More than 15 million American schoolchildren, teachers, and con- servalionists are expected to participate in the 1980 ob- servance of National Wildlife Week, March 16 through 22. "Save a Place for Wildlife" will be the theme for the 43rd annual celebration of the week that was first proclaimed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 [o rally public support for programs to enhance the nation's wildlife population. The importance of preserving wildlife habitat-- areas where wild creatures can find food. water, cover, and a place to raise their young--will be emphasized this year, according to Dr. Frederick R. Scroggin, of Dry Ridge, KY., president of the National Wildlife Federation, which sponsors Ihe annual event. The 1980 National Wildlife Week poster animals are two young red foxes, photographed for the NWF by Brian Milne,of Thunder Bay, Ontario. On the reverse of the fnur-color poster Mark "I0'ail. the conservationist, hero of a nationall,- .,,y.dicated cartoon strip, explains what "Save A Place For Wildlife" means, with illustrations by artists Ed Dodd and Jack Elrod, creators of the cartoon character. More than 800,000 copies of this poster will be mailed to Wildlife Week participants. The NWF, which has 4.1 million members and sup- porters, will also distribute 597,000 copies of a second poster, which bears color photographs of 16 species of wildlife with information on each animal in English and Spanish backing up the pictures. Teachers across the country, as well as in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, will receive 394,000 Wildlife Week Education Kits, which contain posters, activity booklets, and badges. Youngsters will receive 65,000 smaller student kits. "Habitat is the key to a healthy and abundant wildlife population," said NWF President Scroggin, a physician and lifelong con- servationist, in explaining this year's theme. "Without habitat, there would be no wildlife." "But," Dr, Seroggin continued, "as our demands for more homes, more food, and more energy continue to mount, we are putting ever- increasing pressure on our remaining wildlife habitat. In some places, we are needlessly and recklessly destroying wildlife habitat. "One of the big challenges of the 1980's is to settle the conflicts between our own needs and the needs of our wildlife. We must save a place for wildlife." Dr. Seroggin noted that President Carter has designated 1980 as the "Year of the Coast." The coast is just one habitat vital to both people and wildlife whose existence is threatened"By pollution, by development, by erosion," Scroggin said. "In addition, our wetlands, our wilderness, our prairies, and our oceans are priceless habitats in need of protec- tion." Yours FB00E with l[" " special gold eglstertapes. 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