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January 30, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 30, 1980

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Page 10 - Wednesday, January 30, 1980 ', 4 "\\; 1'" 'N Thing: By Nobody in Particular WHEN PEOPLE RECOGNIZE TRUTH .... THEY BEGIN TO COOPERATE WITH IT AND GOOD THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN Good things are happening in Cloverdale! And the "good things" are the people. The "Miracle of Vienna" is a ..... miracle. It is a miracle of people as one, believing, giving, sacrificing, combined with unselfish cooperation that is a distinct and unique mark of this community. It is people! A community is....people. It takes a "community" to put it all together, to make it work to perfection...and that in itself, in todays world, is a miracle. THANK YOU, CLO)ERDALE A great big "thank you" to each and everyone who shares ideas and makes suggestions that encourage the effort to try and make the Vienna trip possible. As the ideas are presented they began to grow into realities and then into projects which will make money for the Band. It is a constant source of wonder and amazement to see how an idea and-or a thought can be created, shared, and with the cooperation of many, then become a total community effort. THANK YOU, CLOVERDALE ! SCHOOL SUPPORT Members of the Cloverdale High School 13oard of Trustees gave their support of approval to the "Vienna" cause. Students were especially delighted with the enthusiastic response of Mr. George Silva (Siiva's Pharmacy), Board Chairman. MAN NOT APART The Lion's Club has always taken pride in the superior ratings and the achievements of the Cloverdale High School Band. As Frank Rose said, "No one remembers for sure just how many instruments have been purchased through the years but we always tried to give Steve the very best. Even when the instrument was second hand...everyone was sure he chose the best." (There are many stories about the "shining" ,instruments at Cloverdale High) Walt Samanaski remem- bered the time the Lion's Club was "fiat broke" and without a dime in the kitty had to go to the bank to borrow money for imeded instruments, and then planned and carried out the fund raisers to pay the bank back. * II is true...we, each have a part and we take pride in the accomplishments of our young and our schools when they set before us the example of excellence. Frank commented, "Sometimes when the community fails to support a special or worthwhile project there is a feeling of disappointment but we take pride in the Band and we know that in some way we have contributed to the superior ratings." G. & R. LUMBER Thanks to Chris Jepson and Kate Connoily who are doing 'their share to make the "Miracle of Vienna" come true. Chris tMrg, G&R), father of a former hand student and a member of the Lion's Club made this observation, "Con- sidering Mr. C.'s students as a whole, through the past thirty three years, the majority of them have been achievers, many on the honor roll tat one time more than half the hand were or students), most or all have gone on to college, and as a whole there is a very favorable comparison." FAVORABLE Faborable comment by Connie Seymour, "There is something very special and beautiful about Cloverdale. 1 don't think its just a bunch of malarky either, I think its real. The "Miracle of Vienna" is part of it and why I want to work for Mr. C." WHEN PEOPLE RECOGNIZE TRUTH .... THEY BEGIN TO COOPERATE WITH IT AND GOOD THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN ! Sonoma County receives share of fees Slate Controller Kenneth Cory today announced the apportionment among counties, cities and school districts of $4,340,470 in trailer coach license fees collected during the month of ember. onoma County's share was $98,687.10. The largest apportionment was $542,272 to Riverside County. The smallest was $264 to Alpine County. The Vehicle License Fee law provides that the license fees paid on all trailer coaches registered in California be apportioned Saga of the Four Chaplains There's a chapel in chaplains slipped off their Philadelphia which is dif- own life preservers, put them ferent from any other chapel on four young GIs and told in the United States. It's a them to jump. beautiful place - so beautiful they say, that you catch your The "Dorchester" went breath when you enter it for down 25 minutes later. Some the first time. There are 600 men were lost, but the three altars on a revolving, heroic chaplains had saved controlled platform. One is over 200. They were last seen for members of the Jewish standing on the slanting deck faith - one is for Catholics and arms linked in prayer, to the one is for Protestants. This one God they all served. chapel isn't dedicated to a single religious group. It Every year on this day belongs to everybody every American Legion Post regardless of creed or race or throughout the country holds color, a memorial service to the Four Chaplains. This year On the north side of the the William Ledford Russell chapel there is a mural Post 293, along with painting of four men standing cooperating Cloverdale on the deck of a ship, as the churches will hold a service ocean waves sweep toward on Sunday, Feb. 3 at the them. It is in honor of these Veterans Memorial Building four men that the chapel was in Cloverdale starting at 2 named it is known, p.m. The public is invited to throughout "the world as the attend. "Chapel of Four Chaplains." This is their gallant story: It happened on February 3, 1943 during World War II. On that fateful day the U.S. troop transport "Dorchester" was cutting through icy seas off Greenland. Most of the 900 troops on board were asleep. Suddenly a torpedo smashed into the Dorchester's flank. Scurrying up ladders, troops milled in confusion on the decks. In those dark moments, the coolest men aboard wer four U.S. Army Chaplains - First Lieutenants Clark V. Poling (Reformed Church of America), Alexander D. Good, (Jewish), John P. Washington, (Catholic) and George L. Fox (Methodist). The chaplains calmly led the men to boxes of life jackets - passed them to the men with boatdrill precision. When there were no more the four Know your religion lecture Feb. 2nd By DORIS HILL Dr. Walter D. Bowen, Brigham Young University professor, will be the speaker at this month's "Know Your Religion" lecture at the Ukiah L.D.S. Stake Center Saturday night beginning at 7:30.  Dr. Bowen's subject will be "How to Retain a Remission of Your Sins" and will focus on the pattern of living required by the Lord for us to obtain and retain His con- fidence and love individually. Those attending will receive a renewed awareness of how to obtain a remission of sin and what is required to retain that same remission, and an monthly to the counties on the understanding that the ef- basis of the addresses of the  fects of the atonement should vehicles recorded by the Lhe a daily experience. Department of Motor Dr. Bowen is currently Vehicles. Each County Auditor then semi-annually distributes the total county apportionment an|oog the county, the city (if the address is within a city) and the school districts in which each trailer is situated. Distribution is in accordance with a formula prescribed by State law. pfessor of Church History and Doctrine at B.Y.U. He also held many responsible church positions including serving as a bishop, coun- selor in a stake presidency, a Regional Representative and a mission president. Interested persons in the area are welcome to attend. s The good word for today: Today ! By PHYLLIS KIOBLOM TEXT: Behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of ulvaflon. 2 Corinthians 6:2. What are you doing with day? Are you using it for something fun...something that brings you pleuure? Or perhaps you have a disagreeable task that needs your attention. Maybe you are bored. Possibly you could be planning something illegal or harmful to yourself or ethers. It may he that you are going to be helping a friend; or volunteering your time and efforts for a good eauee. Whatever you are doing with it, this day is yours. You may do with it wire(ever you will. It can he a noUing, humdrums,k/hal o day or it can  ' most important day of your life. According to todays text NOW is the time to seek salvation. If you don't know Jesus personally, as the one who died for YOU, then now is the time to meet Him. Surely everyone has heard of the furor that surrounds the 'born again' movement. We have all read of men who are high in government, as well as the most ruthless of criminals, who are coming to know the Lord and finding pardon and salvation at His feet. Maybe you have wondered what it is all about. In John 3:3 we hear the voice of Jesus saying, "Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God". If you have longed to he saved but didn't know just how to go about it, let me share with you the steps to salvaUon. Come to God confessing that you are a sinner, tell Him that you are genuinely sorry, and that you will turn from un- righteousness. Believe that Jesus is Lord, that He died for the sins of man, and that on the third day He was raised from the dead. Then receive him into your heart, and praise and thank Him for your salvation. If you sincerely followed these steps, the Bible says you are a new creature...old things have passed away and all things are become new. (2 Cur. 5:17) You are a child of God, and all His promises are yours to claim. It is critical that you seek the fellowship of other Christians, that they might help you and love you in your new life. From this day on you will remember this day as the most significant of your life. i:. ('harlie llarper, Chaplain V.F.W., Rex. George lloover, Rev. Service to be held at the Veterans" Memorial Robert Kersey and.American Legion Commander Joe Anello Sunday. Feb. 3rd at 2 p.m. The public is invitedt are making plans for the annual Four Chaplains Memorial Photo by Janiee. Cloverdale Area Church Directory .... Seventh,Day Adventist Church UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Meeting With The United Church of C|overdale Phone 894-2039 Sunday Worship, 11 a .m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 450 Healdsburg Avenue Pastor. John Powell Randy Boone. Assoc Pastor Phone 84-3274 Sunday : Bible Teaching Program 9:45a.m Morning Worship Hour. ! i a.m. Church Training Program, 4 p.m. Evening Worship Hour. 6p.m." Wednesday : Midweek Services, 7pro. GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 890 N. Cloverdale Blvd. Pastor Rev. Norman M. Redeker I:L3-3835 894-2330 Sunday 94orning Worship 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:15am. DOMENIcHELLI REAL ESTATE 104 N. Cioverdale Blvd. 8I-3354 SEVENTH-DA Y ADVENTIST CHURCH 28775 Redwood Highway S Phone : 894t-5703 Sal urday : Sabbath School at 9:30 a tu Worship Service at l I :00 a m Sisters of Service SO S on 2nd & 41h Tuesday Family Prayer Fellowship Wednesday at 7:30 pm ANTfOCH MISSIONARY BAPTIST MISSION 473 Cloverdale Blvd Ken liams Mission Represent at ive Sunday 'html, l0 a .m Morning Wurship, I l a.m. Evening Worship. 6 p+m. Midweek Service Thursday Nighl, 7 p.m CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY 2aid & Commercial (;range llall A.W West, Pastor l'hone 894-3595 Thursday. 7 p.m Young People Sunday 9:45 a.m. &6pro. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH Christian and Missionary Alliance 28 Tatman Drive Phone 894-3445 (;rowIh (;roups - 9:30anl Surday Worship - 1l):30am Ex tqli[g StTvice - 6:1) pm V, ihlt, St udy. Thurs + 7:() pm BAHA'I FAITH OAT VALLEY, BAPTIST CHURCH Highway 128 Rex DF. Hieter Phone 894-3107 Sunday School. 9:45 a.m+ Morning Worship. l I a,lll+ Evening Service. 6 p.m. Midweek Service. Wednesday. 7 p ,u 131 Dina Streel Church Ph. 894-.'2998 CHURCH CLOV! Continuing of the q and the United Meth -139 No. Minister Phone Sunday Worship- Ch'ild care a ,' Firesides: Munday mornings 10a.m. FHday evenings 8 p. m. Children's Classes .luiHor Yotllh Youlh Please call for more 1 iltOl'llla [iOll a lid-or literature 894-4172 PARKSIDE CHUA OF CHRISTIAN CHAPEL Minister: 533 West Second Street Robert W. Rev Richard Rilea 894-5063 Phone 894-2893 Sundav Bible Study Sunday School. 9:45 a m, Sunday Morn+ Mortm,,g Worship ! i a.m. " 11 am. F'venmg Service. 6 pro. Sundav Evening Bible St udy and Prayer Wed "Evening 7: Wednesday. 7 p. m 76 Tarma n Daisy & Prims We-dnesdav. 7 p.m. CHURCH OF wmC-AllLadiWelcome ST. PEl i JESUS CHRIST Thursday 10am CA THC)i OF LATTER DAY SAINTS EPISCOPAL OUR LAI) 287.",,5 l(edw,md Hwy. St,. CHURCH OF THE Claude K. Williams. M T. CA Branch Presidenl GOOD SHEPHERD Redwood Phone 894-2032 Sunday Priesthood 112 N. Main Street F/hone I Meet ing. 8:30 a.m. Priest in Charge lurda in Sunday School l0 a.tu Hey Marvin Bowers 5 p.m. Sunday Sacrament 894-5719 Sunday Mass Meet ing..4:30 p.m. Sunday Holy 8: 30 a.m. Primary, Wed.. 4 p.m. Communion. Daily Mass Relief Society 9 a.n). 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. 7::) p m. Sunday Mass Clvd.) I i ii nlll I THE ENCORE IO-t S. ('hwerdale Bh'd ++%1 . J4 4 J. PEDRONcELLI WINERY 12211 Canyon lid &57-3619 i gt t I I IIII I H II Ii ( ;eysea-v i lie , tll II " ityi CLOVERDALE PELLEGRINrS FRED YOUNG CLOVERDALf BOWL CHEVRON SERVICE & COMPANY REVEILLE ! I0 Healdslmrg Ave. B94-799 206 S. Clove+le Blvd. 894- 3323 ..or+-+ It' I Stre I III ...... , - ..........