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January 23, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 23, 1980

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MA) S:ll TIME GIJ o, the P..t 0- was "This is my Lucky Day". of Caspar The fair. which ,,,,'as given to TO HA jl. cE " .1930's.,::,t. in Cloverdale tcA'mlO was a popular ts.tiot" entertainment for BLeS MES and on a rainy snight as we've been 00:j,00ely, 00ple h=00ed f Mo wood stove in the ssto _ . . 'tNEr=r m me parlor and uOH | 2. it. They may have lavity-fed oil stove IOVIE  . a tank in their ow , or, perhaps the AANuent, might have by electricity which :ov. days was a new  nd Jk not yet used by e B 3TEI} :" ut the simple . their home wiring AEDTJ 4:m them to play the r. h :,=ic became the focal 'ENTWIne u entertainment :::::::::::::ht have heard a voice say "Good Mr. & Mrs. " as Walter Win- [ tyed the latest news, I' /,1= Heater was hea00 __,. "Ah,,, there is good nt hour sang ]for the Memory" at g. "Ida" was the gveof Eddie Cantor, , rd many notable Bobby green, Shore, Garland. sang, "Whan Comes Over the [utry in the Saddle Roy Rogers sang of the Pioneers," a child came in when they heard of "The William because that their hero "The and his side- mxt and chasing desperados rode off into the "Hi-Ho Silver - Parsons headed Hotel" with Himber's. band song was "Blue "Your Hit Parade" whose theme They featured the top-ten tunes of the week under the direction of Freddie Rich. Basil Rysdale and Andre Barouch did the announcing and the songs were done by Dick Powell, Buddy Clark and Freida Gibson. Now if that takes you back how about "Amos and Andy and the Kingfish," or "Lun-n- Abner" at their jot-era-down store Ben Bernie might be heard to exclaim "Yowza- yowza". Oxydols "Own Ma Perkins" was one of the longest running soap-operas along with "Lorenzo Jones" and "SLella Dallass." Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy kept everyone laughing along with their sidekicks Mortimer Snerd and Effie Klinker, while Jack Benny opened his show with "Jello again, this is Jack Benny." Announcer Don Wilson, singer Dennis Day, Jack's wife, Mary Livingston, Phol Harris and his Orehestra and the zany Eddie (Rochester) Anderson made up the regular cast. Jack's rued with Fred Allen always stimulated the program, "Aliens Alley" on Fred Allen's show featured his wife, Portland, Mrs. Nussbaum, Senator Claghorn and wasn't there Mr. Peavy, who always referred to his wife as "Sweetie Face" or was that on the "Fibber" McGee and Molly show? Gale Gordon, who later played on the Lucy TV Series was Mayor La Trivia who Fibber always confused and the little girl from next door was played by Molly. She always said "Hi mister watch-you-doin?" And when Fibber opened his closet door and everything came tum- bling out it usually broke up the audience. They were live shows in those days including the bloopers. Actually Mr. Wimple was the mild man- nered man on Fibber McGee whose "Sweetie-face" dominated his every move, Milquetoast of comic fame These characters created from real life in the imaginations of writers kept people occupied and forgetfull of their daily problems. They looked at the humerous side of "Homo Sapiens" and they made sport of the bad guys and politicians who seemed to be always exploiting folks. Nowadays the realism in entertainment is just too overwhehning and the tide must turn again soon before people start to believe it all. Fortunately that little knob on the TV. STILL SAYS "On- Off" and if you're lazy like me you have one of those deely-bobs that changes the channels from your easy chair, hnagine what it was like when the first radios had earphones and the whole family had to take turns- Chaos! Well. its not my role 1o be a critic so just overlook my idle comments and take yourself back to 1934 when Katherine Hepburn, Joan Bennett and Jean Parker played in "Little Women" and Will James brought to the screen the immortal story "Smoky" which el-starred Ralph Bellamy who today is still cranking them out on TV and the movies. Let's hear it for Ralph! In 1934 it was announced that Mayor Rossi of San Francisco would visit the Ci'rus Fair, according to Jact Menihan, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. The mayor was no stranger to Sonoma County, having spent many vacations at Skaggs Springs resort which in- cidentally will be underwater when the Warm Springs dam is completed, which doesn'l mean thai I'm against the dam, just reporting the facts- -huff said. The opening day of the Citrus Fair 1934 will have the 35 pc. Santa Rosa band and the State Fish exchange will bring its animated display to llib0r Cloverdale Transportaticn Questionnaire t41tlng. to determine the need for public transportation services. sTBce is welcome in determining how many people desire such services, ot Schedule, service areas, and types of services desired. )J PUbl tc tr , .... ansporta.tton were available to you in the Cloverdale Iz , ,uuu YOI use lt? :) Yes If so, how often? ( ) 5 or more days per week ; I l to 4 days per week ) No I I day per week ( ) Occasionally Uld you use bus transit to one or more of the following cities from Fverdale? If yes, please: Check th box beside the city or cities you would use the service to. Time of day preferred. (Example: g AM departure, 4 PM return, etc.) How often would service be used, number of days per week or "Occasional;y (;Ioverdale instead of San Bernandino who wanted it for their Citrus Show at the same time, a distinction no doubt accredited to the on-lhe-ball Fair-Board and Chamber of Commerce. As an added bonus Russ Colwells B-pc dance Orchestra was engaged to play A report Wednesday, January 23, 1980-Page 13 will be given laler as to the success of the fair in 1934. Meanwhile il is noted that a Cloverdale office of the NRA Na(ional Recovery Act) will be opened and Mrs. Alice Y(,rdi Durkee will be in charge under the supervision .f C.E, Humbert NRA compliance director. On the social side Mrs. First Bingo game of the year, January 23 The first Bingo game of the year sponsored by the William Russell Ledford Post 293, American Legion will be held on Wednesday, January 2.3 at 7:30 pro. As announced previously the black out game (last game at about I0 p.m.) will be a $100 game; it will be the richest game in town in many years. It's hoped that enough interest will be shown that will allow the Legionnaires to make the $100 prize game a permanent feature. Everyone is invited to play American Legion Bingo. To add to the fun the Legion suggests you call some of your friends and make a party out of the evening. There will be plenty of free coffee for the players. The local Legion Post uses the proceeds from the Bingo games to pay for the Children's Christmas Party. W I, McCray. a 65 year nwmberof the C,)ngregalional church, and a )))ember ,)f Iheifirst choir, sang from a hunm book used at the lime. She was joined in song by C.L. Sedgley and Mess Gladys McCausland. C B. Shaw, treasurer for 42 years, gave a detailed report. Miss Helen Horn gave a reporl on young people's activities and Dr. H.S. Davidson was appointed the Sunday school heat. Historical Society News Due to the untiring efforts of publicity chairman Ruth Oedmg (who incidentally is recovering at home from surgery), and "Doc" Quam Ihe talented chiropractor- fiddler, our 5th annual Fiddle Contest was a smashing success. Total attendance was over 1400 toe-tappin, foot- slam,ping spectators along with 24 participants in the Junior Junior-Junior Divisions, and 39 in the Open Division. The winners of the Jr. - Jr. contest were Tricia Brown, Christine Crabill and Linnelte Lane. In the Jr. Division Randy Pollard, Shelly Zelazny and Cass Pujol look the honors. Alva Ingrahm once again won the award for oldest fiddler; and the Open Div. winners were Tiny Moore, Hughie Smith and Paul Shelasky. The judges had a tough time deciding as all the con- testanls were in rare form. Mistress of Ceremonies "'aunl" Edith Thompson did a magnificent job as usual and Buffalo Bob Brittain of Redwood Valley, who sup- plied Ihe sound system, supplied some great old-lime music as did (he Long Valley Pickers from up Laytonville way. Tune in your TV set Jan. 28 to Channel 5 and Evening magazine and you will see the highlights of the eonlesL. Many thanks go to all the n)embers of the Hislorieal Society who worked diligently to make this affair a success Also Ihanks to the Citrus Fair staff who made things easier for , us, (and to those who manned  the mop-buckets when the " plumbing decided to go on ' strike and (o the Rotary Club , for their expertise in parking i,, as many cars as they could in '-- x such a small area and for :, providing good food, hot ,. coffee and delicious home- % made cakes to the hungry crowd, l( was a tired but ! satisfied group that turned off , the last light and Ineked the :i doors on another segment of .. "Histroy for Cloverdale", but - 1 think th(me halls will echo .- for a long lime the "Music of  ') America" and the descen- danls of ils pioneers. yours rllEE with special gold register tapes. MagnifiCent, Heirloom-Quality Imported French Design Copper Cookware Collection / I It's so easy to own this superb collection of gleaming French design Copper 00ware by Centurla eS Ft : CHECK TIV OF DAY INDICATE NUMBER OF DAYS PER  '1"""''"" i  "  O,rt.re Return WEEK OR 3CCASIOflALLY "-" opt: i AM .__ZM : WOn servl;;---t ) "-'-AM PM  " for t |lds "-'( )  "-- w, j ith Id ourg .... ( ) "RAM "-"-M .... , ," : ...... ( ) ... :.. ou,, .... I ! ^ v,  ......  ----AM PM "" o. " ........ ( )  -"-M portl    ;I. An'w# trine mmjor purpose of your trip on Public Transportation is #or : inprei: , heck ome or more if necessary.) . o :S err,, I Sc rk/Wrk related business ( ) Sightseeing/Recreation " ' "-'": . chool or College ( Gover .. 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