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January 23, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 23, 1980

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Page 2 - Wednesday, January 23, 1980 . / C I ove Fd ale ved le Established 1879 Established 1934 usPs iw m Published every Wednesday 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 894-3339 + Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor Yearly Subscription Rates Sonoma Lake and Mendicino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 Editorial All families need a 'pet policy' Midnight cat shoots, apartment houses that ban pets altogether or charge extra for having a pet in residence are all offshoots of one giant problem: an explosion of unwanted pets. Information on this crisis is so lacking, says the Animal Protection Institute of America, that official agencies aren't quite sure whether 3,500 dogs and cats are being born in the U.S. every hour - or 10,000. They do know that more are being born than the public can take care of, is willing to adopt, or has animal control personnel to watch out for. Although the road to low-cost neutering programs, helping the low-income family to bear the costs of keeping multiplication down, is a rocky one, API believes that adoption of such programs as standard throughout America will start the country on-the way toward a more responsible policy. Until such clinics or programs arrive everywhere, it is urging that every home adopt a "Family Pet Policy." Such a policy in- cludes the following steps: 1. Decide when a puppy or kitten is first acquired whether there are to be babies or not - and what will happen to the babies when they come. 2. If there is no proper way to care for or to place them, these future families should not be brought into the world-have your pet neutered by a vet at the earliest opportunity. 3. Join any move to develop a low-cost neutering program for your community so other families will readily adoPt a responsible "Family Pet Policy". We urge every home in our community to adopt a "Family Pet Policy." Letters to the editor Conflict of interest Editor: The prospect of a sea of new tract homes may warm our realtor-mayor's heart but it leaves me deddedly c(dd. However, the main issue in the proposed annexation and development is an advanced and clear-cut case of conflict of interest. Pn Dering is Cloverdale's planning consultant, for which he receives a salary. How can he also represent the Furber family, which owns one of the major parcels being considered for an- nexation? As a Reveille editorial said: Dering has been hired to help the city through the difficult task of annexing large par- cels to the city. In his staff capacity, he will be advising on how these parcels should be zoned, what the ultimate land use should be, and how .many variances should be given /+ to developers ...Granted, other people will have to approve his decisions.' But the facts remain. Dering has been hired to help the city with the annexations. He is on contract with the developers. In a real sense he 411 be in a position to draw the developer's plans, and then put on his city hat and judge + them. It is rather like having the City Attorney represent someone who is suing the City." This kind of charade is possible only in a city that does not have a conflict-of- interest code. Apparently the Cloverdale City Council will adopt such a code only if forced to. In the meantime they persist in making a joke of government and fair play. Chapter Seven, section 87100 of the Fair Political PracticAct of 1 4 statej "No public official+ 0n aby level of state or local government shall make, participate in making, or in any way attempt to use his official position to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest." Cloverdale, they're playing your song. PS: Who are the people who will ultimately Thanks to all who helped Editor: On behalf of the volunteers, and myself, I would like to thank the management and staff+ O( Manzanlta Manor Cony. Hasp. for the ex- ceptionally lovely luncheon Ihey had Jan. 10 as a tribute to the volunteers. The floral awards and certificates given us are very much ap- preciated. The out-going officers of the Vol. Aux. received beautiful orchids from the hospital, along with many kind words of appreciation. I'm very grateful to the Editor: We wouldn't want to miss a single issue of the Reveille,: especially now when there is such excitement over the invi(ation for Mr. "C" and the C.H.S. Band to travel to and perform in Austria. What an honor and so well deserved by Mr. Steve . Connolly. approve Mr. members of the Vol. Aux. for Dering's\\; the decisions? Tell me it's not ' beautiful Camelia plant the City Council. given to me as a momenta of Cynthia D. Grant my past two terms as CIoverdale President. Last-but not least-I wish to thank the Cloverdale Reveille for your cooperation in printing articles, and Dont want to taking pictures so everyone can know what the volunteers miss an issue do. Quite possibly this has encouraged many to become volunteers. Joan M. Wilson Alameda, Calif. Grutefully, Ruth Hunter Books appreciated Editor: The patients living at Yountville Veterans home wish to thank you, through the V.F.W., for remembering them wrtn your" used books and magazines. Please keep up the good work. Anyone with magazines, pocket books or hard covers which they wish to donate, /please drop them off at the Veteran's Building or the Cloverdale Bakery. If you would like them picked Cp please call 894-2257 any time. Remember our bingo games on the Ist, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Veterans Bldg. Come and enjoy an evening with your friends and neighbors. Next games are on Jan. 16 and Jan. 30th. Yours in Comradeship Bob Wright-Cam mander V.F.W. Post 9268 Assistance on tax forms offered A community service for Franchise Tax Board. They January 3 and will meet seniors, 55 or older, will be will gladly help those in again on Thursday, February available in Cioverdale in the Cloverdale on Thursday, 7 at 1:30 p.m. Alex Fassio, Veterans Memorial Building. February 7 and 20, March 6 president of this group, can This will cover free and20, froha 10a.m. to 3p.m. help with additional in- assistance in preparing Bring your 1979 forms and formation by calling 894-2664. personal income tax forms, all necessary information Plan to attend and become American Association of with you. Memher"daip in the acquainted with other Retired PersonsandNational NRTA or AARP is not Cloverdale members. Retired Teachers Association required. have voluntary counselors Our local chapter of AARP trained by the Internal in Cloverdale met at Revenue Service and Briarwood clubhouse on Notice "The Geyserville Monday Afternoon Club will hold a meeting at 2:00 p.m. January 28, at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Smith, 15 High- way 128, Geyservllle. "Mrs Lorraine Doetsch wig exhibfl their arts and crafts" ; P..-.'....;;;:.;;;;;;:::;.:;;;;';.;;;;;.;:.; .;... ,= .. ..,.. .:.:,.:.:.:.:,:.-.'.:.:..:.'.....-,.,'...-.'.,.'.'.'.'. ,'. ........ ................- ........... ,.*,..........................,..'..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.*. .:. ...., ..,. :.N .'." ,:.;. .:1; DEADLINES iii li Copy deadline for all person.=. ;ii !i submitting a00,cles or advert,stag iill ! is 12 noon Fr,day for publication i!i the following Wednesday. iiii Ii:i:.:+:i:+:.:.:.::.:..:i:.:i:...:!!:i:.::::.:.':::::.:::::::.::::::::.4:::::::::.e::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::i Good cause Editor: I really think that Cloverdale should start being included in some of the telethones, like the Jerry Lewis, and the UCP. Iknow it is very early to bring it up, but I think if we started now we could get a lot of money. I really reel it is a good cause. So please help us in the fight against Muscular Dystrophy and UCP. I am in the 7th grade, and my name is Charyl Yeazell. We could have a bake sale and a howling tournament, flea market, chores, racing with sponsors and a dance-a- than or a skate-a-than. Cheryl Yeazell Age 13 Kahn makes it "official - he's runn,ng for Congress Supervisor Brian Kahn working again will require h)day officially declared his tough and honest leader- cmdidacy for the 2nd District ship." congressional seat currently Slaling he can help provide held by Republican Don that leadership. Kahn pointed Clausen. 1o his four years as County Kahn, a Democrat. was Supervisor. "I have fought appointed Io the Sonoma againsl tax-eating County Board of Supervisors bureaucracy and special in January. 1976. and was inleresls, to make govern- elected to a full lerm in ment work for people." November of thai year by the Calling for "fundamenlal largest margin in Ihe reform" in the federal county's history, bureaucracy, Kahn said, Kahn said the central "'ll's time we recognized that theme of the upcoming people are our most campaign will be "the neglected resource." repeated failures of Congress In Sonoma County, Kahn which have ted to the twin said, "we haven't lried lo buy crises of energy and inflation solutions to critical social and generated frustration problems with more and cynicism among Ihe bureaucracy. Instead, we American people," have mobilized our citizens to "Kahn charged. "The work on such vital issues as failures of governnent have care for Ihe elderly, juvenile earned the contempt of the delinquency, transportation, pole. To gel our syslem heallh care and resource II City Clerk's Corner By BARBARA PEUGH City Clerk On January 12. 1980 the City, in cooperation with Sonoma County, participated in a dog licensing clinic- rabies clinic held at the High School Shop. i was amazed at the amount of dogs brought in for shots and licenses. The ciies" clerks took in 83 licenses that day. That is not counting the amount of licenses obtained from the County desk clerk who at- tended. It was a very good turnout for such a rainy day. We have to date ap- proximately 180 dogs licensed for 1980. Anyone wishing to license their d,.gs can do so at" the City Hall Utility window. Bring your rabies certificate and neutering certificate if your dog has been neutered. We need proof of rabies shots before we can license and proof of neuter will get you a cheaper licensing - $7.50 unneutered and $3.75 for neutered. We have a lot more to license - I know - so keep coming in ya-all. Someone asked me Saturday if.the city llas an ordinance covering shots and licensing of cats - Ihe City DOES NOT have such an Ordinance. As of this writing the City does not have an Animal Control Officer - again! Our Animal Control Officer. Randy Boone, resigned his position this January. For those people needing animal sheller" services please be advised the City has con- tracked with the Healdsburg Animal Shelter for care of Cloverdale animals, they do not come to Cloverdale. If you have an animal needing Fair Exchange It)' TOM M()NTOYA conservation. The federal government must learn that there is no subslitute for commu,fily action." In areas where federal action if required, the Supervisor called " for cooperation between the federal and local levels. Ciling the critical nation-wide nced for affordable health care, Kahn charged that the current federal approach "cosls loo much for too little resulls". He said, "We vitally need a national health care program which has real incenlives for cutling costs, and focuses on keeping people healthy, not just treating them when lhey are ill. For example, current Medi-Care regulations often force the elderly into con- valescenl homes when they would he far better off with less costly care in their own Queen's Roller Skating, Talent Shows Bands, all this and more will be showcased at the 78th Cloverdale Citrus Fair on February 15-18, 1980. We will open the Fair on Friday with the talenl shows at 1 p.m. The entry blanks will be at all the schools and in the Reveille. At 7:30 p.m. the big queen contest will be in the auditorium with Reg Lester, from KSRO radio as the MC. All awards will be given that night for the big feature booths. The Lions Club will have Casper the Ghost+Rotary Club will have homes. In areas, the bureaucracy reshaped Io discourage, lhe energy of munities." Citing the Ihe "classic 4 special int, Kahn charged Congress. representative, Ihe appetite of  of the ( the needs of t People." "'We did not ,,av.ear hi. ____ dangerous del r' P )leasl foreign oil ovel-M pointed out. " failure by Cong e ergy alter -.. adlmstrato conservation n current crisis. flation and 28, 1979 American powerS" eontinu Meni( le Re, t Stree ,CA Menict i a numl 'red Flintstone, Druids will have Snoopy. and the Fire Department will have Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner, as their" exhibits. The big florals are always nice to look at and we will have 6 of them. On Saturday after the big parade we will + have FREE roller skating from 1-3:30 p.m. and this is new. Of Card of thanks My husband and I wish to thank all our friends who so kindly sent him cards and called and visited him while he was in the hospital. It was really morale building. Thank you. Robert P. and Eloise Carter Sincere Thanks course the big professional e,lertainer will be Ava Barber. feature singer with the Lawrence Weik Show. These are just a few things we will have for you to enjoy. The season tickels will be sold by Sciaini Hardware, Giovannetti's Sport Shop, First National Bank, Cloverdale Food Center. and Financial Savings. The price of Ihe season tickets will be $3.50 for" adults and $2 for ages six through 17 years. You sure get a lot of en- terlainment for a small price and the season ticket is good for the 4 days of the Fair. Well now you know just a j Sports placement you must take the noon. It parks  acti', animal to the shelter yourself Fair Market ,ip. - they are located at 570 I also recei " Westside Road, Healdsburg - Citizens Referl of mu, their telephone number is 433- number for  as ' 4489. We hope to remedy this needing help jpletotz lack by hiring a control of- heating bills 1 vat ricer as soon as possible, problems. Call nstt-tK Anyone wishing low-cost January 15../ spaying for pets please call ready for businll supra PAWS in Healdsburg. You date, as when I can-res may ask for Marie Sparks at their forms suPle-loli 433-6618. I also have been yet arrived. 'all the h noified there is a toll free T ere have more I number to call to find rides if interesting itemS you are having tran- City Halilatelya'effort s sportation problems. Call Ridefinders of Sonoma County at 528-3433. They are located at 741 - 5th St., Santa Rosa Also of interest is the Social Services Van. It comes to Cloverdale with personnel to process paperwork for Social Service purposes for the folks m Cloverdale. It is here each first and third Tuesday of the nmnth from 9:30 a.m. As many of you know a skating rink has been here since the first of the year but =row it will have to close down so we can put on a Fair but it will he back right after the Fair" closes. The blood bank will be here on Tuesday, January 22. from 4 p.m. tii 7 p.m. If you can donate please do. Ralph Warner, John Meier, and I will he going to Sacramento on January 28th to attend the WFA con- vention. This is where you see all the new acts and en- tertainment that will be available for next years fairs. The office is really busy too glad to pasj type of inforrny yours sons *needing numbers. If Yons locate an agenColice and can't, give ,+ might be able to i, Well, guess I'lli  now and float rt street " ti' next i stlj. paddling and k Its cc =t at So: for are urg by F day licaU the looks of the _-" offlc 4-H building ccept remodeled and wilt 25, the lights. With all IIbe acc( Swheatld r fhora/ e tJ: d, Well don'l fal dea "FAIRS CRE/7 . F vcampus rhe cart One La US Numb00e n For Most sincere thanks to the many friends who gave me courage, remembered me in their prayers, showered me with cards and well wishes, and other acts of kindness. Thanks too, for giving Walter a helping hand when he needed it most. Friends are mighty nice to have! *Ruth Oeding few things we will be having so I will try to let you know the other things that going on at the fairgrounds. I wish to express my appreciation for the many cards, flowers, and acts of kindness during my stay in the hospital. right now. The Fair is just Your 0000thr4 around the corner and entries " Y ad are are coming in. We should .,_ -- $1 50 e; :Is. haveawonderful4-H showby ]travel irg e f -. --The, Noe(]S :charge years+ b may t Card of thanks Col, nas in I ; Sciani Louise -etti's Ander000000.,. Ruby radon 194-41! Dr. Edward F. Johnson CHIROPRACTOR Personal Injury Insurance Cases Workmen's Camp ? Medicare Full Spine Technique Physio Therapy * Applied Kinesiology Nutrition 109 S. Main St.. Cloverdale For Appointment Call 894-3608 OFFICE HOURS: Monday thru Friday 9 6 Saturday 9 to noon I II00,AL get