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January 22, 1997     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 22, 1997

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,Aq Page 8, Cloverdale Reveille, January 22, 1997 Lice Head lice has become more of a problem in homes, daycare, preschools and elementary school in the past few years. Pres- ently we can expect that one child out of 10 or more will con- tract head lice by the time they reach sixth grade. Cleanliness is no barrier to contracting head lice. Head lice may attack any- one with equal zest and knows no socioeconomic barriers. Treating lice tends to be a lot of work? All of the heads in the family need to be treated as well as thorough cleaning of bedding, clothing and the home. Most people are very good about fol- lowing these steps. The problem arises when lice are resistent and r?turn. It is incredibly frus- trating to make sure that lice are eradicated. Every nit needs to be pulled from the hair. Oiten the combs don't work effective- ly. Each egg case must be re- moved using fingernails. It is very time consuming, especially with an energetic youngster. At the present time, the over- the-counter lice preparations containing pyrethrins are very effective in killing lice and nits. Research in the last two years has shown that the 1% Lindane is the least effective in killing lice. It is thought that lice are becoming resistent to this prod- uct. Concerned and informed parents+effective lice control-no baby lice? Brainwave Brainwave is an innovative fund-raiser which links raising money for extras in the class- room to the curriculum knowl- edge of the students. In the spring students will be able to exhibit academic skills through a competitive and supportive competition. They will answer all questions in small groups oral- ly in each classroom. Every grade level has prepared a list of ques- tions which will be asked. Before Brainwave day, students will collect monetary pledges based on how many questions they answer correctly Brainwave is a county-wide fund-raiser and is sponsored by the CARE (Cloverdale Adds Re- sources for Education) Founda- tion. It has been the most successful moneyraiser and for some schools has brought in sev- eral thousand dollars. Teachers and parents like it because it does focus on existing curricu- lum and encourages learning. Students like it because its fun. There are incentives and they get to choose a nonprofit organi- zation that will receive 10% of the funds Students will be rais- ing money for their own class and money that the CARE Foun- dation will use to fund grants. February 12th is Brainwave Kickoff Day! There will be an assembly at 8:15 and another at 9:15. The chosen nonprofit orga- nizations will be represented ando enthusiasm for the fund-raisers will be generated. Inservices Days will be held Jan. 31 and Feb. 3 for the entire Cloverdale School district. Jef- ferson School staff will partici- pate in health presentations, a seminar for new teachers, and time will also be spent on the school's REACH plan. Jefferson Reading Program Evaluation At last Wednesday's School HOME LOANS For buying or refinancing your home. Competitive Rates! Great Service! 435 N. Cloverdale Boulevard 894-4323 Bill Andrew McCONNELL CHEVROLET OLDS GEO YOUR NEAREST GM I]$ALER 1395 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg 1.800.775-3384 Board Meeting, the results of the Reading Intervention Report based on data from last year was presented. Our balanced litera- cy program and interventions have proven to be successful. If you would like a copy of the report visit the office and we'd be happy to give you one. The faculty and administra- tion at Jefferson Elementary School have identified reading literacy to be a curriculum focus, beginning with the 1995-96 school year. As a result of plan- ning efforts, training of teach- ers, instructional assistants, new measures of reading perfor- mance in kindergarten through third grades are showing progress toward the outcome of demonstrating that, by the end of third grade, all children are reading at or above grade level. Measure so reading skills which relate to grade level per- formance were obtained for the first time in June, 1996. Approx- imately one half of the first grad- ers demonstrated below grade level reading skills. This num- ber dropped to 20% for second grade students. Third grades reported 26% were reading be- low grade level. This data sug- gests that approximately 3/4 of the second and third grade stu- dents were reading at or above grade level. Efforts of the teach- ers and students are paying off. ,% ,,,: United Church of Cloverdale 11 AM Sunday Worship 11"=25 Sunday School for Grades KSth Nursery Care provided for infants and todlers Gayle Waring, Pastor Jan]ca Timm. Minister of Music 439 N. Cloverdale Blvd. 894-2039 SILVEIRA BODY SHOP AWARD WINNING WORKMANSHIP SPRAY BAKE BOOTH HIGHER GLOSS PAINT JOBS ALL MAKES AND MODELS-FREE ESTIMATES & FREE LOANER CARS AVAILABLE GROWERS Supply & Irrigation Irrigation Systems -Farm Supplies Hardware & Equipment .Housewares 985 Healdsburg Ave. /10',) AA 20750 Geyserville Ave. Healdsburg HI,,," t"t J"l' 00Dieiat's SPECIALISTS New and Reconditioned Appliances COMPLETE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Spdng Air Mattresses On all Fomlgn & Domestic We Service What We Selll CARS & TRUCKS Competitive Prices (707)857-3790 =s = FREE DEUVERY I-kmldsbu, 21310 Redwood Hwy.-Geyserville 4334838 TERMS Rollerblade safety I topic of Jefferson I school assembly By Michael Doolan, FHA-HERO January is rollerblade safety month for students at Jefferson School. This issue was brought to the attention of the kinder- garten through third grade chil- dren by the Clo- verdale High School Future Homemakers of America (FHA- Linda IIIsley HERO) stu- dents. The high school FHA- HERO chapter has chosen traf- fic safety education as their major community outreach project for this school year. Jennifer Tegnell and Alex McNulty are spearheading this project. They invited a roller- blade instructor from Star Skate World to give a presentation to all students at Jefferson School. FHA-HERO member Michael Doolan was on hand to intro- duce her and give her a warm welcome. Linda Illsley is an experienced rollerblade instructor who was wilting to give an afternoon to this endeavor. She also works at a camp called "Camp Roller- Jefferson School children were delighted with the chance to LA/N Unda IIIsley from Star Skate World demonstrate the proper  GROC protective gear. This assembly was sponsored by the CIo. exp. i High School FHA-HERO Chapter as part of their traffic safetup&clel munity outreach project.  blade", and has known many of the "top" competitive rollerblad- ers; some have evefi been on MTV. The Jefferson School stu- dents were impressed to hear some of her stories. The main focus of her presen- tation was to emphasize the im- portance of protective gear. She demonstrated the use of knee pads, elbow and wrist pads, and the "brain bucket" met. She also gave some hints on ways tobring wild JOt _, -- back under control, and  UPldOt micnirmwlZ;e th: ::rT:: a ltl i Illsley handed out stick, ,e. gave each child a brochureJ::::: allows him or her to ha ,,, ;LOVE free rollerblade lesson o; IVE E urday. Servir West C Never o As California copes with its largest flood event in a decade, the quality of drinking water supplies from the Sacramento- Salinity not a threat to Delta water Water Prcj " ........... : term contractors. Once treated, SWP [ meets stringent drinkin._ quality standards of both "Ji Environmental Protectiot2, $=, and the State Departt,,": cy Health Se.ces. _ P"fo' uwtt rou[mely contltl. , st= r  r 1440( tensive monito ing to p, _ quality in the Delta and o:! ..... "' San Joaquin Delta continues to be high, accoCding to state water and health officials. Recent California floods have freshened Delta waters. Ex- tremely high Sacramento and San Joaquin River flows, con- current with the flooding are pushing fresh water through the Delta and into San Pablo Bay. The Delta .Outflow Index, a maanr._e of fresh water dis- charged to San Pablo Bay, ex- ceeded 500,000 cubic feet per second during New Years week and is now 360,000 cfs (Jan. 8). These values are abut 10 times early December 1996 outflow. Salinity measurements at the state and federal pumpingfacil- ities are running about 60 per- cent lower than before the floods. This trend is expected to contin- ue. Should a levee fail, flooding a Delta Island, the current fresh CUSD LUNCH & BREAKFAST MENU HIL[I MONDAY, JANUARY 27 JEFFERSON Egg/Cheese on Muffin WASHINGTON Egg/Cheese on Muffin Chicken Sandwich BREAKFAST Donut TUESDAY, JANUARY 28 JEFFERSON Butane WASHINGTON Pizza Butane BREAKFAST Cereal WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28 JEFFERSON Oven Fried Chicken WASHINGTON Oven Fried Chicken Tuna Sandwich BREAKFAST Breakfast Bread THURSDAY, JANUARY 30 JEFFERSON Pizza WASHINGTON Pizza Cheese Sandwich BREAKFAST Cemal water outflow would continue to keep salt water intrusion to a minimum. Freshwater would continue to be available at the state and federal pumps. Salinity intrusion into drink- ing water supplies from the Del- ta is not a problem, according to David Spath, Chief of the Drink- ing Water Program for the State Department of Health Services. Spath said the huge storm run- off of fresh water through the Delta makes salinity intrusion impossible. "From the salinity standpoint, we view'it as a non- issue," said Spath. "We're not looking at this as a water treat- ment problem." Spath indicated that Califor- nia's water systems are equipped with "more than adequate treat- ment" capability to assure disin- fection and safety of local water sources and supplies affected by inundation, Spath said. The Department of Water Re- sources provides water supplies in the SWP system. During the flood, addit Delta and State Water water quality monitorifl curring. The State Water is under routine operatio flood event. The Department of We| sources operates and m the State Water Project, p dam safety and flood cent# inspection services, assis water districts in water agement and water cot# tion planning, and plg future statewide water The State Water Projd l=l)u$ ME ST . CA 95 tOment co of th o J LEWs ( ' 15, 22, 29 to millions of Californians from vides water to two-thirds  ,.- , the Delta through the State iforma's" population. ''s,t z o.r" etuma I The accompanying article is courtesy of the Cloverda s. School FHA-HERO (Future Homemakers of America-Ho(!_  nomics Related Occupations) chapter.  ch:'*"'o Re The students in this htgh" school program are committL.$.= yearlong project entitled "Families Acting for Community.l"i Safety." This is one of a series of news articles dealing with d,, and driving :  o, : i, " = ; Atmi . statement i Myth d!rjt i s an h abe , alcohol ano oruvung , By Sarah Robison, FHA-HERO Alcohol is a depressant. Many believe it to be a stimulate. It acts anesthetic to the central nervous to lower or depress the activity brain. After drinking some people coffee thinking it will sober them is not true. Coffee cannot rid your of alcohol; it can only make nervous and wide awake drunk. system that can sober up anyone Sarah Robison Many people may say "I away from the hard stuff." But, did you know that beer same affect as straight scotch? One 12-ounce glass much alcohol as a 1.5 ounce shot of whiskey or a 5 ounce wine. "I'm bigger so I can handle my liquor better than other is another common misconception. Size is only much you drink. Metabolism and the amount of food intake factors in how you handle your liquor. "Once I roll down my car window, I'm OK to drive." No I how much fresh cold air you inhale it will not reverse the alcohol in your system.  Jan Many people will sab" things like "I just drive slow.hmlt  FRIDAY, JANUARY 31 drinking." Actually, driving at all when you've been drink] .,.,.(S)of, JEFFERSON In,service be very dangerous Drunk drivers are dangerous at any slfbh WASHINGTON Insmvioe Wen people say'that "All I have to do is splash my face IN Mo " d iStod water This is entirely untrue. Cold water or even a cold ttheDe , won t" r v n u a safe driver, c Beverat sobe you up ore e makeyo icbev , vrdele llrlrlllr WUIWHF- I" ........... t:  fo,o ": : : L/. dvertlse In the Cloverdale " :" ,-::.. Directory for just S12, week* arlo_. t o0st l i I get a story and a photo too!  SmtaRo I  ! Seepage6& 7ofthi$1ssue! 3j_(o7) : i ' *3MonthCommilmentMklimum jr itrl. 22,