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January 9, 1991     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 9, 1991

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[ ,llrlrllll!l,l II i 17.' 7 , ! I[ .. -. I . - -  @, Cloverdale, Sonoma County, CA : = !?: Citrus Fair Queen hopefuls are Amy Evers, Francisca Maciel, Amy Sprague, Tiffany McAdaras and fin;lists chosen for 1991 ir Queen competition field of candiciates hoping to be chosen 1991 Queen was narrowed to five Friday night preliminary con_ Jet.ition at the Citrus Fair. are Daalimel, Amy Evers, Tiffany FmFa Muciet and Amy Sprague. competition were Craig Bonnie Dale, Execu- ' of the California Young Women of the Program (formerly called the Junior Miss Pro- and former Santa Rosa Mayor BUI Barone. for the evening was Clover- '( Mike Pigoni. divided intoseCeral each of the girls was asked to submit an Essay detailing what is would mean to them to Citrus Fair Queen. Prior to the on-stage competition Friday evening, each girl also had a personal interview with judges who were looking for calmness and spontenaity. The girls were then judged on-stage for their poise, beauty and personality. Each contestant paraded around the stage as Mike gave a brief description of their accomplishments, talents and future ambitions. Each girl was thenrequired to give a brief answer to a randomly chosen question asked by the Master of Ceremonies. Tension mounted as the judges left the room to lLt!7ir votes. When they3ut 10minute , the names of the five finalists were revealed. " The annual Citrus Queen competition will be held on the opening night of the 1991 Citrus Fair, Friday, February 15. Mystery donor revealed The Reveille has discov- ered that Cloverdale resident Dave Wood is the "mystery donor" who put the Food Pantry on his Lions Club Christmas Raffle tickets in- stead of his own name. Thanks to his generosity, the Food Pantry is is not only $500 richer, they were also able to give a ham to one of their grocery recipients! That's right! TWO of the winning tickets were pur- chased by Dave! Cloverdale's 1st Baby of 1991 overdale welcomes: Manuel Guerrero in at 6 ibs., 13 oz., and look forward to receiving some re- 21-3/4" long, little Al- ally nice gifts from loeal mew.hants, Manuel Guerrero made his Healdsburg General Hos- Jan. 3, 1991, at 8:27 p.m. Cloverdale's First Baby New Year! proud parents are Lisa Brown of Clover- was welcomed home by Lam'a and Jerry including a Well Baby Check-up from Dr. John Spenst, a smoke de- tector from the Cioverdale Fire Dept., 2 of Nolm's Special Steaks from the Clovetdale Food Center, a large piz00 from Papa's Pizza Cafe, a staffed animal from the Clover- dale Ntwsery & HallmaA, a poNable stroller from Sdaini Ace Hardwaw,, disposable diapers from both Penny and Coqelio Guerrero, all Fair and Clover Market, a colorful Cloverdale,/Laura Manzo of windsock from Mr. Mom's Toys, a and his great-grandparents, and Arthur Furber of Sac- and Theresa Maria de of Idexico. his Aunt and Uncle md Bill Brown of El Paso, his Aunt Sue Brown of and his Great Aunt of Virginia are all he's here! and his parents can quiche from the Cloverdale Coffee & Ice Cream Co., 1 roll of free film developing from Photo Lab, a phone album from Seth's OWr.e Suplies, 2 l-day passes from the Cloverdale Citrus Fair and a l-year subscription to the Reveille. They will also receive $10 gift certificates from Webb's Fashions, the Cloverdale Flower Shoppe, The GraDd Kids and Fleur de Mai. This man's shoes have a lot of "soul" By Mary Jo Winter While most of Cloverdale was either still asleep or curled up on the couch watching football games on television, Ben Bill was checking the supplies in his backpack as he prepared to set off on another walk to raise funds for one of his favorite charities - this time, Mul- tiple Sclerosis. Ben left from the stop light at First & Cloverdale Blvd. on Jan. 1, at I pan, with plans to walk the 808 miles to Cloverdale, British Colum- bia in 21 days. While he has no set dollar goal in mind, he says he has raised an average of $20,000 for various causes on each of his past walks. All of his trips have begun in Cloverdale. Iris first walk several ago was to Colorado, and was also done to benefit the Multiple Sclero- sis Society. The following year he walked to Los Angeles to raise funds for Cerebral Palsey. Last year he was headed for Salt Lake City in an effort to raise funds for Leuk0mia researcb when, he says, "the people following me aban- donded me in the middle of no- where" and he had to cancel. Ben says he prefers to do his walking in the winter because there are fewer people on the highway Cont'd. to Pg. 12 Vol. CX11, Issue 2 January 9, 1991 @ 35 cents "Not Guilty" plea in Giampaoli case-; judge denies bail reduction LATE BULLETIN: Municipal Court Judge Noel Owen Tuesday morning denied a defense counsel request to lower the bail amount previously set in the Irene Giampaoli murder case. Her defense attorney, Paul Neuer had argued that the $100,000 bail on the original warrant was raised to $300,000 over the New Years holiday weekend without his client first having the benefit of a formal hearing. Judge Owen said, based on the severity of the charges and the recommendations of the parole report and District Attorney's olT, ce, he did not feel the bail amount was unreasonable. By Mary Jo Winter Irene Giampaoli last Monday morning pied "Not Guilty" to charges she killed her husband, Craig, with a rifle blast to the back of the head in the couple's bedroom last Oct. 23. Irene was arrested by Cloverdale police at the home of friends on Dec. 28. Bail was set at $100,000. According to Police Chief Rob Dailey, the investigating officer placed a call to Judge Robert Dale the following day requesting that the bail be increased because of concern that she is a flight risk. Judge Dale complied by raising the bail to $300,000. At her Jan. 2 arraignment in the courtroom of Municipal Judge Cer- ena Wong, Irene's attorney, Paul Neuer, was completely caught off, guard by the news that her ball had been raised. In addition to asking J'ng to reduce the bail, Mr. Neuer asked that a "gag" order he placed on Chief Dalley and members of the Cloverdale Police Department to keep them from talking to the media about the case. Instead, Judge Wong ordered a probation report prepared and set a new hearing date of Friday, Jan. 4. At Friday morning's hearing, Mr. Irene Giampaoli Neuer asked Judge Dale to dis- qualify himself noting that his sign- ing the documents to raise the bail in the first place "gives rise to preju- dice". Judge Dale complied and the case was then continued to Monday, Jan. 7 in the courtroom of Municipal Court Judge Noel Owen. On Monday, Mr. Neuer once again asked that his client's bail be reduced, calling upon legal prece- dent and citing several different sections of the penal code. "Strike the additional $200,000 and go back to the original amount", he asked, "until the DA or the Cloverdale Police Dept. complies with code sections for an increase in ball." Deputy District Attorney Larry Scoufos told the court he felt Mr. Neuer's charges that his client was denied due process were unfounded. He further stated that the Islands for a period of time shortly after the death; and she has acc.ess to (Craig's) retirement account." Mr. Neuer called the DA's state- ments "conclusionary" stating "she doesn't have the money he says she has access to". With respect to Irene's trip to the Virgin Islands, Mr. Neuersaid "She had every right to go to the Virgin Islands. She had no charges filed against her at that time. The impor- tant thing to note about that trip", continued Mr. Neuer, "is that she's back!" Responding to Mr. Scoufos' com- ments that Irene has no ties to the community, Mr. Neuer said, "She's 3 months pregnant. She has two little boys. Her brother lives in Healdshurg and she's lived in Cloverdale since 1971. "There is no more basis for the theory she's going to flee than a phone call from a police officer', he concluded. Judge Owen said he had not originally planned to address the bail issue at this heating so he had not yet read the bail investigation report in his possession. The bail hearing was then post- poned until Tues.,Jan. 8. Nearly three dozen friends and relatives of the 36-year old victim have been present during each of the hearings. Reports are that they will continue to be in the courtroom each day until the case is resolved. Craig Giampaoli died from a single shot to the back of the head as he lay in bed in the early morning $300,000 currently set was reason- hours of Oct. 23, 1990. An AR 15 able, noting that she was chged "Colt rifle was lying on the bed with a very serious offense. Mr. bddndbim, Scoufos also stated that Irene was Irene told police she had been considered a flight risk and that the probation report, ordered by Judge Wong, concludes there should he no reduction in bail. Citing other reasons for keeping the bail at its current rate, Mr. Scoufos said Irene "has no real ties to this community; she has access to money to flee the jurisdiction of this court; she went to the Virgin sleeping on the couch when she was awakened by a loud noise. She denies committing the crime or knowing who did. Craig, who was superintendent of the City's Waste Water Treatment Plant, was pronounced dead a short time later at Healdsburg General Hospital. Cont'd. to Pg. 7 Santa Claus is alive and well; ask any kid at Clear Water Ranch ! Christmas Day at Clear Water Ranch was a delight! There were many new children this year who did not know what to expect. Past experience made them wary. Two of the children, Clint and Alicia, came to Clear Water within days of Christmas and were still feel- ing disoriented and sad. But the moment they stumbled sleepy-eyed out of their rooms and gazed at all the presents under the tree, their fears and doubts were swept away! The most incredible experience for these ehildren is to open a present and see that it is something they really want, something they really asked for, and something that really arrived! No broken promises this time! The staff says they get very misty- eyed on Christmas morning watch- ing these children, who have so little in life, receive toys and clothing which were picked out with such love and care. Staff who have worked in other residential treat- ment facilities say they have never seen children enjoy their presents as much as these children do. , In most residential faciliaes, children get very few toys, and the ones they do get usually break in the first hour or so. They never get anything they ask for, and therefore, Christmas Day and week are pretty dismal. Staft members say it is a joy for them to experience the concern and love the people of Cloverdale have for children they do not even know. In fact, by mid-morning Christmas Day, they, too, believe in Santa Claus! Unfortunately, there is not enough room here to list all of the children and their reaction to IIir presents, but here are just a few. Angelique loves her Cabbage Patch Premie and Clint thinks his remote control car is "super". Walter was in heaven all day playing with his race track, remote control car and trucks, while Keshia cherishes her Barbie Ice Cream Maker. John H. woke up early Christmas morning, gazed into the sky and was sure he saw Santa. When he opened a gaily-wrupped package containing a much-wanted remote control car, he said, "See, I told you Santa was here!" Joy was so pleeA with her pre- sents that she wrote a thank you letter to Santa saying she was going to get him presents next year! Douglas was able to tell every- one the time every time he looked at his watch - whether they wanted to know it or nod - and he was delighted with his new electronic organ. He was also very pleased to receive the SMath game and clothing. Cynthia absolutely adores her baby doll and. magic set. She thanked Santa fog the "joy I had in ope_ning the presents". Desiree entertained everyone . by singing into h microphone, and loves her Barbie doll and clothes, watch, arts and crafts and many other gifts. Savannah let out a squeal of de- light when she anwmpped her fn'e engine, and Toaste could not believe that she actually got her Tasty Bake OvenI Kristi loved all her presents, especially the very special jewelry she received. In her letter to Santa she told him, "I seally appreciate all the presents and your ce. You are a very supportive person." Yes, Cloverdale, you really are supportivet " Thank you, once again, for being Christmas Angels and for bringing so much joy into the lives of these little children! Two of the children at Clear Water Ranch flaying with their toys on Christmas morning.