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January 2, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 2, 1980

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Page 8- Thursday, January 2, 1980 d '% ..oO Thoug 'N Thing I I |11 By Nobody imparticular Submit.ted by JAN FREEMAN Activity Director In response to the article in the Reveille December 19 titled "What does Christmas mean to me?", Mr. Dale Hudson's 7th grade class at Washington School wrote letters to the residents at Manzantia Manor to tell them that not only did they care about them, but that they had some new friends in Washington school! The following is a sample of the many wonderful expressions of love and concern shared by the class. Janet: I hope you have a Merry Christmas. You are a good friend. I like to talk to you because you are nice. I am thinking about you a lot. I will be seeing you on Friday the 21, that is tomorrow. Remember Iam thinking of you. Merry Christmas.. Tere Dear Irene, My name is Tish Cares. I'm t2 years old. I'm in the 7th grade. I'm thinking about you, and wishing you the best of Christmas wishes. I care about you, and that you're happy. Don't forget that I'm your friend. Be happy for me please. 'Irish Cares (Love ya: Put on a smile and Be happy.) Dear Philip, My name is Roger I'm in the 7th grade 12 years old. Your right about Christmas, it is a time for givi'ng. The Junior High is having a dance today-wish you were there. If you don't have any friends you've got one now. Maybe I'll come up and visit you someday. Well I've got to go now so have a very Merry Christmas! Dear Phillip My name is Jan, age 12. You said in an article that Christmas is "Just another day". It is caring for someone you love. If you don't mind I'd like to care for you. Have a Merry Christmas. Your good friend, Jan Dear John, ! am sitting here in my classroom. Our teacher gave us this assignment to write to you. I hope that you like it up there and that you have a nice Christmas. You see Christmas isn't just for the young, it is for everyone. It's a time for happiness and a time for joyfulness. You see Christmas is the birth of Christand you should not he down. Christmas isn't hard to understand, I hope you have a nice Christmas. From Craig Jolm to hear that you aren't feeling very well at Christmas time. Oh well have a very nice Christmas this year. Dear Aifrefl, My name is Jerry Reck and I'm in the 7th grade. My teacher is Mr. Hudson and he is a good teacher. I'm writing this letter to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I wish I could go up there and deliver this letter by myself because I would like tosee you. My morn is in the American Legion and she is always going up there to give gifts. And maybe you know her. Her name is Claudia Reck. I would like to go see you sometime. Jerry Reck P.S. Have a nice Christmas Dear Edward, Hi my name is Shad Uselton. I hope to meet you sometime. I play sports. We have won 3-4 games in basketball. How are you? I hope you have a very good Christmas. Dearest Kind Person June, It just doesn't mean Christ it means giving and making friends any sharing. I am giving you my love and sharing Christmas is fun. One day real soon I promise you I'll come up there and visit you: We could talk, get our feelings out into the open, talk about fun things that are coming up and maybe we could play games, but June I am sorry to hear about your husband, but it was his time to go and be with God. I love you. Michelle Rebottaro, age 13 Goodbye, ! love you. Dear Susy, My name is Teri, and I am 12 years old. I am in the 7th grade at Washington School. We are having a Christmas dance at school today. Do you like decorating Christmas trees? I de. Are you doing anything for Christmas? I'm going to my aunt's, who lives in sebastapool. Well I have to go. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy N,w Year. Love, Teri Ida, I hope you have a Merry Christns. Christmas is a time for cheer and hope. Have a very nice day. See you later. Bye Tere Dear John, I would try to give you something but I am going to go on a trip or maybe I might move. Hope you have a Great Christmas! P.S. Hope to meet you someday, lots of luck! From Matt tarts Dear Della, My name is Nina and I'm in 7th grade. I Imt=e you have a wonderful Christmas. I hope I will too. I hope someday I will get to meet you. Continued" next week Love Nina ,fir ................ F .......  ,,m" LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE NO. $89 ORDINANCE NO. 7,.$8, AMENDMENT NO. I SUMMARIZATION It is neehmary that Or- dinance No.' 258 N.S. I amended to conform local regulations to those of the Federal and State govern- merit in order to allow for building of the new Clean Water Grant Sewer Treat- merit Plant in Cloverdale. Amended are: Section 5a and 5b and 5c; also Section 6A; alsoSection 3, paragraph 9 of Section 6 and a Section 9 inserted. Paragraph 12 of Section 6 is repealed. ANY CITIZEN INTERESTED IN OBTAINING A COPY OF Amendment No. 1 MAY SO SO BY REQUESTING A C(LPY FROM THE CITY CLERK. Barbara Pengh City Clerk Published I-3-00. Youth Services Responsibility By BARBARA CLAREY "I want him to be more responsible." "Kids today just don't have aoy responsibility. My daughter got this real good job. She did good for a few weeks, got bored and quits." "He doesn't take care of anything toys, books, clothes - nothing! That kid just doesn't take any responsibility for his things." Anything here sound familiar? We all want our children to become responsible people. But how does this happen. Respon- this is done with un- derstanding statements, not critical and accusing com- ments. For example, if your son comes home from school walking slowly, sulking, do not say, "Hey sour puss, what happened to you today? Get in more trouble?" Instead try: "Something must have happened to you today. Looks like it was a hard day." This way you convey your sympathy and un- derstanding, and if the child wants to discuss the problem he will. So, before I go on with any further steps towards responsibility, spend a week practicing and developing your sensitivity to your children and each other as parents and partners. It may sound corny, but try it. For example, ladies, if you man is grumpy and quarrelsome, snapping at the children; instead of: "Boy your in a good mood, what the heck is bothering you now? You are such a grump." Try: "You must of had a rotten day. Let me get you some coffee ..... " And, gentlemen, if the dinner is burnt instead of, "Well I see you did it again. Another fine meal. When are you going to learn to cook? I come home tired and hungry and look what I get." Try this: "Looks like you had a rough day. Sit down and have a glass of wine while I give a try at some bacon and eggs." ttappy New Year! San Quentin speaker at Church Women United Sister Maureen Fenlon, organizer of "Hospitality Houses" for visitors to prisoners, will be the speaker at the annual meeting of Church Women United on January 11, 1980. This meeting will be held at the United Church, 430 N. Cloverdale Boulevard, starting with a business meetingat 10:30. Installation of officers will follow. Luncheon will be served by women of the United Church at noon. At 1 p.m. St. Peter's Church will have the worship service and present the speaker. This meeting is open to women of all faiths and all are most cordially invited to attend. The good word for " today: Quietness By PHYLISS SJOBLOM TEXT: Better is a handful with quietness than both hands full with travail and vexation. Ecclesiastes 4:6. In this Christmas season we tend to become so overly busy that we lose sight of the true meaning of what we are celebrating. The jostling crowds, the anxiety over whether or not we have chosen the correct gift for each one on our list, the harrying race against time to get all the cards written and in the mail, the stretching and breaking of the budget as we buy more and more of things we don't really need; all these things lead to a vexation of the spirit when in reality we ought to be entering into a period of quietness and contemplation. Isaiah 30:15 says, '...in quietness and confidence shall be your strength...' so as you slow down and quiet yourself before the will find your 'renewed to go extra tasks more If Jesus could words, 'Peace, be calm the very seas will do the same for ask for His help in serenity. Come apart from the{ and bustle and reflec! are alw beautiful words of Lull. in a 11, 'And the angel saition, suc them, Fear not; for, Ledfort bring you good tidin Legio great joy, which shall Ithis we the people. For unto [or the : born this day in the [Inet to I David a Savior, wltof the s Christ the Lord.' Rel and quietness and letgames,, staggering truth ssl[tore you yourwholebeing. Theitutiliary i wo00, two thousand years qu? syaddir still being felt today. Jd to ser what Christmas is all'r thane In the words of I@ u r Ilulce ol 46:10, "Be still, and kn0/ This I am God.' sibility cannot be imposed. It cannot be learned by being forced to do chores, keep the room clean, not use bad words, and empty the rub- bich. According to Dr. Ginott; "responsibility must he based on respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We are not used to seeing responsibility in such a broad context, rather we often see "responsibility, or the lack of it, in much more concrete terms: in our child's messy room, tardy school attendance, sloppy homework, reluctant piano practice, sulky disobedience, or bad manners." "The problem of respon- sibility in children is referred back to the parent, or more precisely to the parent's values as expressed in his child-rearing practices," Remember, I told you that parenting was not easy. It just doesn't come naturally to everyone." Responsibility begins with the parents: the parents' attitudes and skills including a willingness to allow children to feel all their feelings and to demonstrate to them acceptable ways of handling their feelings. The difficulty lies in not having been allowed to learn by this method ourselves. Weaare use to the pat phrases method of handling feelings and emotions. Such com- ments as: "You don't really mean what you say, you know you like Uncle Fred." "It is not you talking like that. The devil in you is making you naughty." "If you mention that word again, I'II spank you. You are not supposed to feel like that." These statements ignore the existance of feelings. But our emotions are like river currents - they cannot be stopped, only diverted. Likewise, we must acknowledge our children's feelings and help channel them and divert them art- fully. So, how? First recognise that "chaac ter education depends on our relationship with our children and that character traits cannot be transmitted by words but must be demonstrated." Second: Become more interested in what your children are thinking and feeling. Watch and listen to them. Accept a posture of wanting to understand and show that you understand your children's feelings and emotions. As mentioned in earlier article on feelings, Pvt. Larry Adams receives Parachutist's Badge 'Pvt. Larry W. Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Adams, 139 Broolmide Drive, Cloverdale, Calif., re,ntly received a Parachutist Badge upon completion of the ti ee- week airborne course at t'e U.S. Army Infantry Scho, Fort Bedn/ng, Ga. During the first week of training, students undergo a rigorous physical training program and receive in- struction in the theory of parachuting. The second week they receive practical training by jumping from 34- foot and 0-foot towers. The final week includes five static-line parachute jumps. Cloverdale Area Church Directory Seventh'Day Adventist Church UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Meeting With The United Church of Cioverdale Phone 894-2039 Sunday Worship. 11 a.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 4a0 Healdsburg Avenue Pastor, John Powell Handy Boone. Assoc. Pastor Phone 894-3274 Sunday : Bible Teaching Program 9:46am. Morning Worship Hour, I I a,m. Church Training Program, 4 p.m. Evening Worship Hour, 6p.m. Wednesday: Midweek Services, 7pro. GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 890 N. Cioverdale Blvd. Pastor Rev. Norman M. Redeker t33-3835 894 -ZL30 Sunday lorning Worship 9: 00 a. n t. Sunday School 10:15 a.m. SEVENTH.DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 28775 Redwood Highway S. Phone: 894-5703 Saturday : Sabbath School at 9:30a.m. Worship Service at l 1:00 a.m. Sisters of Service tS.O.S. ) on 2nd & 4th Tuesday Family Prayer Fellowship Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. ANTIOCH MISSIONARY BAPTIST MISSION 473 Cloverdale Blvd. Ken liams Mission Representative Sunday School. 10am. Morning Worship. 1 ! a.m. Evening Worship, 6 pro. Midweek Service Thursday Night. 7 p.m. CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY 2Jtd & Commercial (;range Hall A.W. West. Pastor Phone 894-3595 ' Thursday, 7 p.m. Young People Sunday 9:45a.m. &6pro. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH Christian and Missionary Alliance 28 Tarman Drive Phone 894-3445 Growth Groups - 9:30 am Sunday Worship- 10:30am Evening Service - 6:00 pm Bible S!udy. Thurs. - 7:00 pm BAHA'I FAITH Firesides: Monday nlornings iOa.m. Friday evenings 8 p.m. ('hildren's Classes .lunior Youth Youlh Please call for more information and-or literalure 894-4172 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DA Y SA IN TS 287.5.5 l(edwood Hwy. So. Claude K. Williams. Branch President Phone 894-2032 Sunday Priesthood Meeling, 8:30am. Sunday School I0 a.m. Sunday Sacrament Meeting, 4:30p.m. Primary, Wed.. 4 pro. Relief Society Tuesday. 7: 30 pm. OAT VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH Highway 128 Rex D F Hieter Phone 894-3107 Sunday School. 9: 45 am. Morning Worship. I l a m Evening Service. 6 p.nl. Midweek Service. Wednesday. 7 p.m. 131 Dina Street Church Ph. 894-2998 PARKSIDE CHRISTIAN CHAPEL 533 West Second St reef i{ev lilchard Rilea Phone 894-2893 Sunday School. 9:45 a m Mormng Worship 1 ! a.m Evening Service. 6 pro. Bible Study and Prayer Wednesday. 7 pro. Datsy& Prims Wednesday. 7 p.m. WMC-AII Ladies Welcome Thursday. l0 arnl. EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD 112 N. Mare Street Priest m Charge Rev. Marvin Bowers 894-5719 Sunday Holy Communion. 9a.m. I Control i today Ition of UNITED coul CHURC, C L 0 V E R D A L[ vehicle Continuing the minist reporl of the Congregation Chd receiver and the !ity of United Methodist Chur d $5,212. 439 No. Cloverdale BIv [iatributi Robert Kersey. as and c Minister  fee Phone894-2039 .... ,Pc depo, Sunday Worship- It :00 a Lvec!e Child care available grate ex CHURCH L per S ese OF CHRIST i::.-:::::::::::: Minister: Robert W. Churchill 894-5063 Sunday Bible Study 10a Sunday Morn. Worshi l I a.111. Sunday Evening 6 p.ff Wed Evening 7:30p Jr 76 Tarman Dr. ST. PETER'S CATHOLIC CHURCH OUR LADY M T. CARMEL Redwood Hi Fa Phone 894-2535 Saturday 5 p.m. Sunday Mass tAsti), 8:30a.m. Daily Mass tCiovd. ) 7:30a.m. Sunday Mass Clvd.) DOMENIcHELLI REAL ESTATE 104 N. Cloverdale Blvd. 8N-3354 THE ENCORE ItH S. ('loverdale Blvd. J. PEDRONcELLI WINERY I'..) Canyon ILd &7-3619 8:N-!J44 Geyserville I II I I I III I IIIIII I CLOVER00E PELLEGRINrS FRED YOUNG CLOVERDALE ] BOWl. CHEVRON SERVICE & COMPANY REVEILLE llIrltS.tet i 10 Healdsburg Ave. 894-75 206 S. Cloverdale Blvd. 894- 3323 8M-2540 or 433-3329 4-3330 I I I IIII I II lib I