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January 2, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 2, 1980

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'Thursday, January 2, 1980- Page 5 ib. solar eclipse attracts scientific interest ;!! shadow of will fall over parts and Africa on Feb. a host of American travel half- the Earth just to couple of minutes in I. lar physicist, not the devoted astronomer, almost is too far to go for to observe and of nature's rarest, and most beautiful total eclipse of when the sun ily blacked a 4,000-mile path from the eastern to the Bay of scientists at sites in East Africa will eainvestigate those tures of the sun's that are an eclipse. same time, scores of using in- aboard airplanes, and space satellites making observations dated with their !-based colleagues. II of these studies is to better understanding I I | i forces controlling the cergY-and ultimately et on Earth. value of any ex- 31e t conducted during a iipse is ding enhanced = so many other in- nta are being used at ,nua ame time," says or Robert W. Noyes,  Director for Solar lar Physics at the Mix 'Smithsonian Center trophysics, in Ca, m- Massachusetts We ..ePportunity to look at processes on ,sun 5' different ways. s is co-investigator on Periment with the hento Peak Ob- eY to be carried out at ! Hyderabad Ob- fry. The experimeKt, td to measure the flow in the sun's outer , is one of several in India by the Foundation. ground-based ob- from India will be by data from ned ex- a rocket hi from White Sands, eXico on the same day. .lipses are caused e moon passes bet- sun and Earth, . Jg the sun's disk and A a Shadow upon the P!W. Because of a .[mtial quirk of nature- erspectwe..tie ap- t[ Size of the sun and i,,F e almost exactly the 'When viewed from !n reality, of course, Is hundreds of times _.abt 100 miles in lie r which races u aerou Most scientists--and amateurs, too--are interested solely in totality, for that is the only time the sun's corona becomes visible. The corona is the extremely hot, thin shell of turbulent gases surrounding the sun and extending out into space for several million miles. Normally, the sun's bright photosphere--the visible disk we see daily--obscures the corona's gentle glow. However, at totality, when the Earth is plunged into darkness, the corona sud- denly "flares out" around the black disk of the moon, producing an eerie, shim- displays. Unfortunately, the path of a total eclipse passes over any single spot on Earth only about once every 300 years. The next total eclipse to cross a major population center in North America will not occur until 1991. when the path will run down the Valley of Mexico. No wonder, then, thai astronomers--both professional and amateur-- will travel thousands of miles to spend a few feverish minutes photographing, recording, measuring, aaiyzing--and enjoying--this tanlastic natural light show. "Despite the incredible advances in our ability to observe the sun from space during the past two decades," Noyes says, "nothing beats a natural solar eclipse." Cloverdale receives sales and use tax allocation meting, pearl-grey halo streaked with tongues of :::+ 6 percent sales and use tax 4:., percent of which goes to 62 percent in the BART,- the state and 1: percent to SCCT, and SCMT counties), the cities and counties. Ten million tax forms being sent the Federal form. The Tax Rate Schedule and Tax Table have been com- bined into a single Tax "l able which all taxpayers will use. Huff said this change is ex- pected to significantly reduce taxpayer errors in deter- mining the amount of tax hey owe. There has been con- siderable increase in the Renter's Credit this year and: Californians who receive: assistance are now eligible. The flat $37 credit has been increased to $60 for single persons and to $137 for married couples and heads of household. Huff said thai California renters who are not required: to file a Form 540 tax returnl will file a simpler special form for the credit. The 540RC, Renter's Credit l Claim, is a simple one-page form included in the booklet Ten million State income tax forms or postcards with mailing labels are being sent to California taxpayers during the next two weeks There is a "new look" to the Form 540 this year, retiring Executive Officer Martin Huff of the California Franchise Tax Board reported. Almost two-thirds of the form is tinted green and taxpayers who use the Federal short form to report their income can ignore the green area on the State form, Huff said. The instructions have been given a major overhaul in order to lessen the burden on the taxpayer. Explanations are now on a line-by-Line basis in the same order as the Federal Form 1040. If there is a difference between Federal and State law, the State difference is explained. If not. said Huff, taxpayers can use the information from now being mailed. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Nearly $183.9 million was distributed this week to California cities, counties, and transit districts from the December allocation of sales and use tax. flame. The size, shape and behavior of the corona is directly related to the amount of activity--sunspots, flares and explosions-on the sun's surface at the time of the eclipse. "All the easy experiments on the solar corona have already been done," Noyes says. "So you must either plan a very complicated, difficult new experiment-or you can simply wait for the sun to change its behavior and study the changes with the simpler equipment used before." In the past year, the sun has changed a great deal. In fact, the sun is now at the violent peak of its ll-year cycle of activity, so scientists should see some exciting features in the corona royes and his colleagues are particularly interested in "coronal holes," vast gaps in the sun's outer atmosphere where the sun's magnetic field cannot contain the corona. The corona pours out through these coronal holes in streams of electrically charged particles known as the solar wind. The invisible solar wind has a direct effect on Earth, causing the aurorae (Nor- thern Lights) and radio in- terference, but it may also have some relationship-as yet unclear--with Earth's climate. The "holes" were first discovered in the mid-1970's by Harvard-Smithsonian scientists using instruments aboard the Skylab space station and other satellites. During the upcoming eclipse, the coronal holes will be prime targest of observation for the ground-based sun- watchers in India and those launching the rocket ex- periment. The rocket instrument is a "coronagraph," a special device that creates an ar- tificial eclipse by blocking out all of the sun except the corona. Measurements by the coronagraph may reveal information on the velocity, structure and temperature of the solar wind. Whatever may be learned from the eclipse about the sun, one part of the eclipse's lure is purely aesthetic. The sudden darkening of the sun at midday, the brilliant "beads of light" William M. Bennett, Chairman, State Board of Equalization, announced today that California cities received $116.2 million and the counties $22.4 million for a total of $138.6 million. Also, $34.7 million from the ,4 percent local sales and use tax was paid to the counties for their local transportation funds. The city of Cloverdale received $19,998.69 as its share of the $116.2 million and the county of Sonoma received $594,545.15 plus $427,645.69 for the local transportation fund. Transit districts received $10.6 million of the December allocation. The San Fran- cisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) received $5.6 million, the Santa Clara County Transit District (SCCT) received $4.5 million, and the Santa Cruz Metropolitan District (SCM- T) received $517,000 from the additional % percent sales tax paid in their respective counties. The State Board of Equalization administers the Upjohn the globe at created by the sun shining of aeveral hundred through valleys on the edge of K A v"S p E"V A T E n hour. A partial the moon, the stunning ..,,,_may be seen for "diamond ringeffect" as the of miles on either last ray of sunlight disap- I  ,tts path, but only pears and the appearance of  8 OZ. r,,,lr,,me Shadow itself will hitherto invisible planets and Reg. 1.64 ..effects of the eclipse stars in the dark sky-all eneed-.and only for make a total eclipse one of NOW OUttes. nature's most spectacular 99' "no 6 OZ.' 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