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January 2, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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January 2, 1980

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Page 2. Thursday, January 2, 1980 -" III I I . _ I II III Clovefdale Cl00veJlle Established 1879 Geyserville PRESS Established 1934 us,s .,.  Published every Wednesday usPs 2a 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 894-3339 I Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corny ......... . Editor Yearly Subscription Rates Sonoma Lake and Mendicino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 II I Editorial The billion dollar rip off There's a state investigative report out that says that the Medi-Cal program is being cheated out of a billion dollars a year in fraudulent claims from hospitals, doctors, and nursing homes. That works out to over $100 a year for every family in the state. To make matters worse, the man who runs Medi-Cal, Health and Welfare Secretary Mario Obledo, has said that the 52,000 state employees who handle Medi-Cal claims are, and I quote, "wasteful, overpaid, and un- derproductive." Inflation and taxes are killing us and now we have official charges of a billion dollars a year loss and 52,000 wasteful employees, and yet no one in the governor's office or the legislature seems concerned enough to even talk about it. If you're as mad about this as we are, then send your letters to us and we will try to stir up some action in Sacramento. Guest. editorial by T.V. Channel KTVU One Jack London Square; .Oakland, Calif. 94607. Letters to the Editor Approve cautious way Editor: Although I think that the Carter Administration has been indecisive and inef- (eetive in solving the economic problems of the country, I approve the cautious way it has handled the Iranian crisis. In the first place, the lives of the hostages were and are at stake. Then, the possibility exists that Khemeini and his click are in cahoots with the Soviets to bait the United States into an expensive and weakonin8 war far away from home, while Russia kept UP increasing its armed strength. The Soviets could even deny that they par- ticipate 'with soldiers in such a war. They could train "volunteers" that are tthnicaly akin to the Iranians. Now, supposing that such a Soviet-Khomeini collusion is a fact, (Many of the Iranian students that demonstrate in front of the American Em- bassy in Teheran show the communist clenched fist) if the U.S. had used force to free the hostages, Khomeini would have asked for Russian help. Then, communist progapanda would have claimed that the United States had started the war and was first in shedding blood. "And any armchair strategist can guess which side would have the ad- vantage in such a war There is a long distance from here to Iran and no American bases are near there either. And if the war became nuclear, it would not matter which side had some ad- vantage over the other. Everybody would lose, in- cluding the neutrals. SO, it was a wise policy to let the World Court and the United Nations judge the hostage case first. The United Nations organization was founded for the purpose of preventing war and punish aggressors. And I assume that its bylaws do not condone that any nation may take a foreign embassy and im- prison foreign diplomats. This is in itself an act of war. Therefore, the United States has a right to insist that every nation member of the United Nations obey the rules of the organization and participate in economic sanctions against the Iranian rulers until they free the hostages. Sincerely, Jose H. Rihe Takes two to tango Editor: One of the crucial tenets on which this nation was founded is the separation of church and state; the right of every person to worship, or not worship, as he or she sees fit. If one believes that human life begins at conception, as Mrs. Willard and the Catholic churck do, then abortion is murder. Fortunately, polls continue to show that the majority of Americans, in- cluding Catholics, believe it is immoral for the state to force women to bear unwanted children. Women must have the right to choose, and every child born should be born wanted. To suggest that oniy "foolish" women find Let's help to keep the gear on me wa , Chief Milt Holt: "The longer the turnout gear stays on the wall Let's take every fire precautionary measure  __ - and the longer the fire equipment stays in the barn - the prevent fires in 1980." Chief Holt reminds every cheaper it is for the taxpayer. This has been the busiest January Istail buring permits for incinerators are dut December i've ever seen - it was worse than in the summer, by Janice :.-.;:::.:..::..;.. .:.:..:..'.:.'.:.'. .:.........```.......................:.-.-.;.-.-.-.-...-.-.. ...................... . .............................. -.-..-.......*........*..... o.-......,.-. **.. .........- ..... ,.,................,....-....., ................-..........,.......-...-........-.,..-...-.-.,...-.. themselves with an unwe#, pregnancy is both naive nd" ' cruel" I suggest Mrs" tiliard  ' ty read uponthesafetyand Ci Clerk's Corner By BARBARA PEUGH City Clerk Well, as we all dry out and soak up some sunshine we can thank our lucky stars it didn't rain any more than it soever kind at anytime in- terefere with the free and unobstructed flow of usch drainage constitutes a public nuisance, and is hereby declared subject to summary effectiveness of available birth control methods- and remember that it takes two to tango. C.D. Grant first securing a permit from the Public Works Director. In order to obtain the forementioned permit a drawing and-or plan must be submitted to show stricture of this Ordinance can! City Clerk. This is ! portant ordinance I lovely little town s/==,, many covered creel( many natural r the numberous m, did. The City Public Works abatement" and that it would not impede New vehicle related I crew had a rough few days. SectionNo. 2 or Ordinance drainage. For certain canyonssurronndmg " a W S There were multiple downed No. 338 goes on to explain the sophisticated structures the is very important for II trees and much overflowing duties of the owner-occupant; plans must be drawn by a to remember to k effective January 1 st of creeks and obstruction by inshort, allwaterwaysmust licensed engineer. Demand waterways as ci I floating debris. The whole be kept clear of any ob- can be made by written possible. . rew was on emergency duty, struction, notice to owner for removal Hope you all had running from task to task. Section No. 3 of Ordinance of any non-permitted New Year's eve, Some 60 vehicle-or driver- related laws will take effect January I, 1980 as a result of ew legislation. Most of them make minor changes in the California Vehicle Code, with little impact on the general  public. The most substantial change taking effect with the New Year involves the manner in which Californians renew their driver's licenses. AB 777 allows the Depart- ment of Motor Vehicles to extend driver's licenses for four years for those persons who have no vehicle ac- cidents or traffic convictions during the four years prior to expiration of their current license. Although the bill takes effect January 1, 1980, DMV has been operating a demonstration program since June 1979.  To date, more than 400,000 extensions have been processed under the demonstration program. This program allowed DMV to extend licenses for two years; however, since November 1, 1979, the department has been mailing appilications for four-year extensions to those persons whose licenses expire after January 1, 1980. AB 777 is expected to produce an estimated $1.6 million savings for DMV for the six months remaining in fiscal year 1979-80, and $3.1 million in 1980-81. The new law restricts the fourpyear extension to persons under 70 years of age, and allows only one four-year extension per person. AB 1401 provides for a ten- year experimental program to be administered by DMV with the intent of exploring the use of methanol as a substitute for gasoline and diesel fuels. The law authorizes the use of methanol as a substitute for gasoline and diesel fuels. T Obituary "Morgan Memorial services were held at 1 p.m. Friday at the Glen Johnson Ranch for ranch foreman Armstead Frank Morgan, 56, who died in the veteran's hospital in San Francisco December 25 after a long illness. A native of Arkansas, he came to California five years ago, going to work at the Johnson Ranch. He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the Pacific arae. He is survived by his wife, Marion Morgan, Cloverdale; his mother, Lillian Morgan, Arkancas; his sons, Sgt. Darneil Morgan, Germany; Robert Morgan, Hawaii; Jerry Morgan, Arkansas; his daughter, Dawn White, Rohnert Park; four sisters, a brother; several 8randcldldren and nieces and nephews. The Rev. Don Hetter, Oak Valley Baptist Church, officiated at Friday's services. These who wish may contribute to the American Career Society. AB 1401 provides for a ten- year experimental program to be administered by DMV with the intent of exploring the use of methanol as a substitute for gasoline and diesel fuels. The law authorizes the use of methanol fuel, and methanol and gasoline blends, for vehicles registered in California, provided that all vehicles modified for methanol use are annually certified to be within state emission standards. The State Air Resources Board has responsibility for cer- tification of devices used to convert a vehicle for use of methanol. Other significant vehicle- related legislative changes: --SB 886, which provides for a refund to certain pur- chasers of used mobilehomes "of a portion of sales and use taxes paid between January 1, 1977 and January 1, 1980. All refunds will be made by the State Board of Equalization and any ap- plications should be made to the local Board of Equalization office. The refund will be as a result of an exclusion of certain items krom "sales price" and "gross receipts" for purposes of levying sales and use tax on the sale of used mobilhomes. -AB 710, which increases to $500 the amount of property damage necessary before an automobile accident must be reported to DMV. The reporting threshold had been $350. Exehision of accident damage under $.500 is ex- pected to result in savings to DMV of approximately $128,000 annually. --SB SSS, which declares that the DMV senior citizen identification card shall be sufficient identification for the holder to receive reduced transit fares where offered to senior citiznes. --AB 413, which prohibits an insurance company from failing or refusing to insure any handicapped person solely because of the haw dicap or from cancelling any policy under conditions less favorable than that applied to nonhandicapped persons. Tie law will also provide that a handicapp shall not justify a higher premium charge. - I II I Thanks fellows for all your hard work; hope Santa was really good to you! Thinking back to the big storm, I was wondering if people were aware of the fact that the City has a Watercourse Or- dinance. Ordinance 338 outlines several important facts and is amended by Ordinance No. 343. Section 1, Ord. No. 338 states, "The free and unobstructed flow of each and every creek, watercourse and natural drainage way in the City of Cloverdake is declared essential to the proper drainage of the City, and its environs ..... any weeds, trees, debris, rubbish, or other materials of what- I III Dr. William F. Hoyer Optometrist Wishes To Announce The Opening Of His Office At '106 E. FirstSt. ,Cloverdale, Co. for appt. phone 894-3936 III I I I I " ] _ I1" I| " I I I I Dr. Edward F. Johnson CHIROPRACTOR Personal Injury Full Spine Technique Insurance Cases = Physio Therapy Workmen's Comp Applied Kinesiology .*=Medicare = Nutrition 109 S. Moin St., Cloverdale For Appotttment Call 894-3608 OFFICE HOURS: Monday thru Friday 9-6 Saturday 9 to noon II II II IIII No. 338 outlines the duty of the Director of Public Works in keeping waterways clear. Then there is a section which explains free flow of water when there is con- sideration of a building permit to be issued on a property adjacent to a waterway. It is a violation for any person to build, construct, or maintain any retaining wall, crib wall, bulkhead or other structure upon any waterway without nuisance. There are setback requirements along water- ways and no grading, ear- thrill or vegetation may be planted or excess removed without a permit from the City. Setbacks are set in Section No. 8 for any in- terested citizen. This was approved in 1974. Then in 1975 an amendment, Or- dinance No. 343, was written setting new setbacks criteria. Anyone interested in copies Fred Young and Company Funeral Directors * Locally Owned Since ]859 .Funeral Services with dignity need .Complete traditional services Memorials Ground Burial * Immediate cremations Burial Insurance available .N0 membership fees .No extra charge 50 mile radius to meet every We recommend pre-need arrangements 24 hour immediate services Telephoto 433-3329 or 894-2540 Healdsburg - Cloverdale - Windsor comes little 1980 'a cra . to sit up a take[gl ready to shove into the cold! One Lod Number For All il Your Travel Needs Call Louise Ander00 894-41 TRAVEL - NO FOR OUR -ravel Service i J)20 COMMERCE ROHNERT ! TERRY Manager